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The stories I’ve been told.


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Louella settles Back in a small barn...Many thoughts of the days events fill her head. She lifts the receiver that she had found in a near by car..

”he...hello, dammit I don’t even know if this one works. 

I met a nice group of gentleman today they were kind to me and not being from this country I was pretty scared,I have been scared to see these people. 

Why was I scared?! Well because everybody I had met had warned me, told me stories of these people. Now from my understanding yes they may have done things, said things and what not. But really they are just a bunch of men who are trying to protect their country. Twice I saw them and twice they were pretty decent. I asked questions. They answered. I even interrupted a little party they had.

now I wish people stopped warning me about them. I am a young woman who likes to travel alone. I’ve survived this long on my own. Maybe rather then forming these silly little groups to go after these men and causing blood shed why not try going it alone, there would be more peace in this place. 

I apologise to anyone who is hearing this. I don’t get to see many people or talk much, so I guess I’m venting. But please stop all this nonsense. We are all trying to survive, we are all in this country. And please.... stop scaring people and let them make their own judgements on people.....

*a sigh is heard before the transmission cuts dead*

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