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An Invitation to Tyler of The House


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*Raif lays down his rifle and begins to scrub the blood of a man who couldn't keep quiet from his weathered gloves. Frustrated he throws them to the side and lifts his radio*

Tyler, my dear friend, how are you?! I hope you have recovered well from that near death overdose a few days ago in New Grishino! 

I met a mutual lady friend of ours earlier today and she seemed to think we are a cannibalistic cult!

I know, I know... Very confusing.

However, I do think that in your unfortunate, drugged up and vulnerable state you may have confused our spiritual healing techniques with those of a much darker practice! 

Now that is quite the serious accusation as I'm sure you'd agree and I'd like to straighten things out... Y'know, make sure others don't confuse us for something that we are most certainly not.

Let me know when you're available to meet me and Circie. It will be just us, no weapons and no pesky backup. You can bring your friends if you wish, I do very much enjoy Harrison's sarcastic outlook.

*Setting down the radio, Raif laughs at the welcoming tone of voice he just faked and returns to tend to his gloves*

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