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Is Anyone Still Out There? [Open Freq]


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*Rosita would sit on the grass hill watching over Rogrovo. She would think about her time at the clinic and all the people who died. She picks up the radio and brings it to her mouth. Rosita would speak through the radio while pressing the PTT*

"Hello? I-I Is anyone still out there? I'm hoping there's some people alive still...
I use to help out at a camp in Guglovo.. but well.. that's long gone. Maybe someone remembers me?.."

*She takes a minute before looking at her ID badge which is attacked to her black jeans and then continues* 

"My Name is Dr. Cullen... if you knew me it'll be by that name.. I am still alive. I've been laying low for a while now but there is only so much hiding you can do before the dead things come in packs to eat you.. I've noticed there are more and more of them grouping up. I can handle three of four but when they come in packs of twenty!"

*She releases the PTT and takes a swig of water before continuing*

"Anyway, I am still here.. I need to do my work so. If anyone needs some assistance, I am a qualified consultant in Emergency Medicine. I can lend a hand if needs be? Anyway.. I'm here."

*Rosita releases the PTT and packs it back into her bag. She picks it back up and swings it over her shoulder before watching the group of infected walk down the road*

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*Matej would sit in his room next to Ales and Mirek, cigarettes, liquor and a taken apart SVD on the table next to a buzzing radio. Once Mat hears the transmission he would pick up the radio to reply.*

Dr... eh... 

*He covers the microphone of the radio for a second so Mirek can remind him of her name.*

Dr. Cullen you sound like a great doctor but sadly out here a bandage ain't saving shit when push comes to shove, bullets will. So how about we help you out with that and you can sew us back together when we need you to? 

*He scratches his head.*

Let's say we'll meet you tomorrow, discuss the details of the deal. Ironically just today we had to part ways with one of our employees, so we'd love to have you.

*He glances at Viktor's crumpled suicide note in the trash can and sighs.*

I'm sure we can help each other out. See you tomorrow.

*Mat puts the radio back down on the table, letting go of the PTT button just before Mirek speaks again.*

You think Carlo will try and fuck her too?

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*Carlo sits in his home, counting up his boxes of cigarettes and mumbles to himself " Yeah, I can spare a few ". After grabbing a pack he would walk into his front room and see Emily sleeping on the couch, and laugh to himself before heading outside and lights up. After hearing one of his brothers on the radio, he presses the PTT Button*

" Yeah uh.. Doctor, can you deal with mental health issues?

I've got a friend who is having a few issues... They all started in 1944...

*He would laugh to himself, before the radio falls silent*

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