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Server and location: S1 - NWAF

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/29/2018 7:28? EST

Your in game name: Tony Merlock

Names of allies involved: I'm by myself

Name of suspect/s: Don't know ATM

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Logs

Detailed description of the events: I was walking to Grishino from Veresnik and I decided to take a route around NWAF near the fence close to Kabanino, when I saw two men jogging behind me and I was also jogging because my clothes were wet, approximately 8 seconds after I made visual contact with the two men and realize they were there, an lightly geared man with what I thought was a submachine gun, wearing spawn gear, Initiates, comes out of the bushes while I have my AK loaded and in my hands, so I shot him almost instantaneously after he initiated on me, this is bad RP and gear RP, check logs for proof.


Pic related is the char I lost to bad RP.


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Please update your title and post with the format listed here. You have 24 hours.



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I'm pretty sure I killed you. I had an AK. You didn't comply, and you died.


FULL POV: I was running up from spawn, meeting up with the boys for some hopefully good RP. We find a guy who we wish to interrogate, possible Kamenici perhaps...? Anyways, he begins booking it from the guys coming in from Vybor. We successfully cut him off, where I initiate from concealment. He doesn't comply, and he dies. We gawk over his gear, mourn the loss of a possibly good RP situation, and move on.

I have a video and it will be uploaded shortly.

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Connection Logs

[2018/10/30 0:0:57]:  (Tony Merlock) connected 

[2018/10/29 22:36:48]:  (Andriy Nikolich) connected 
- died later -

[2018/10/30 0:3:0]:  (Alexander Dukov) connected 
[2018/10/30 1:0:27]:  (Alexander Dukov) disconnected 

Hit Logs

[2018/10/29 23:13:56]:  (Alexander Dukov) hit by  (Tony Merlock) to Torso with Bullet_762x39
[2018/10/29 23:13:56]:  (Alexander Dukov) hit by  (Tony Merlock) to Torso with Bullet_762x39
[2018/10/29 23:13:57]:  (Tony Merlock) hit by  (Andriy Nikolich) to Torso with Bullet_762x39
[2018/10/29 23:13:57]:  (Tony Merlock) hit by  (Andriy Nikolich) to Torso with Bullet_762x39
[2018/10/29 23:13:57]:  (Tony Merlock) hit by  (Andriy Nikolich) to LeftArm with Bullet_762x39
[2018/10/29 23:13:57]:  (Tony Merlock) hit by  (Andriy Nikolich) to Torso with Bullet_762x39
[2018/10/29 23:13:57]:  (Tony Merlock) hit by  (Andriy Nikolich) to Lungs with Bullet_762x39

Kill Logs

[2018/10/29 23:13:57]:  (Tony Merlock) killed by  (Andriy Nikolich)

Calling in @Jewell for his PoV. @Cipher please also update your original post with a full & detailed PoV.

Do either parties have video evidence?

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I was running with a few of the guys over to NWAF and we saw a guy and he started booking it so 2 of us gave chase to see why he was booking it so hard. One of us got ahead of him and initaited. The initiator the two people to his rear that followed him and one closer to the wall to the initators right. 


He immediately didn’t comply and started spraying meanwhile I was 100/150 yards back, because it was raining and I was too heavy, jogging in a open field with tree cover between us and got caught by a stray round from the OP hitting me in the chest. Thus my hit log.


if anything it’s NVFL you knew you were surrounded by at least 3 people with automatic weapons.


and yeah no video evidence plays.tv has completely removed itself from my pc?

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@Jewell & @Cipher - do you know the names of your allies in this situation?

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Mak, Shane and Sassy?  That I know of. I was a distance away and got caught by a miracle bullet  

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@Cipher | BadRP | Not Guilty
@Anthony_Merlock | False Report | Guilty


A team of staff members have reviewed the report as well as the evidence provided to us and have come to the following conclusion.

Anthony, it seems very obvious to us that this report was made purely because you were upset about dying. However, in this situation your death came from your own actions. At the time, you had two people following you and one person cutting you off. After Cipher had cut you off, he initiated. At this point you had the option of either complying & having some roleplay, however you decide it would be better to fight back, thus ending in your death.

There was no instance of BadRP or GearRP here. In fact, there was no way for either of those to occur because you fought back, eliminating any chance at roleplay.

Due to this, you will be served a punishment for a false report. We recommend that if you are upset about a situation, talk it out with the opposing party. We will not tolerate reports being made against community members simply because you were upset.

@Anthony_Merlock | False Report | 7 day ban, 1 banstrike (10 warning points)

Signed by @Sleepyhead, @Jamie & @DrMax

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