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Josh Rizzo - Appeal - BadRP/Invalid Kill 7 Day Ban and Unwhitelisted


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Player Complaint 

Why the verdict is not fair: I feel that the verdict isn't fair because it was my first offense and a 7 day ban as well as being unwhitelisted seems extremely severe. I feel like a shorter ban or even just me coming into Discord/Teamspeak and speaking to an admin about the situation and what I did wrong would have been much more productive. It is very easy for me to admit where I went wrong if I just talk to an admin about the situation. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My friend (Bobby Sullivan) and I were at the airfield for a long time running around looting and talking to various people we saw there. We had seen a good amount of players and talked to a majority of them. While drinking water at the little reservoir, Bobby and I heard a gunshot and I ran to see what was going on. When I walked past the ATC tower and went onto one of the little bunker hills I saw 3-4 dead zombies at the entrance of one of the other hangers. I stood and watched from a distance until I saw someone run out. I proceeded to follow the player from a distance for about 5-10 minutes to see what he was doing until Bobby could make his way towards me. Bobby ended up going up to him and speaking to him as I stood at the corner of the building they were at making sure everything was good. After talking the guy told Bobby that he was coming from Grishino or something along those lines where we then planned to strip him of his comms and weapons and talk to him after. Because we were previously in Grishino before the server had restarted and had a bit of conflict with the people there, we figured that he had friends around and already knew that there were others players near by because we had seen them.  After initiating on him and telling him to drop his guns he took a fairly long time and seemed to be stalling for someone. He kept reiterating that he was dropping his stuff even though he hadn't really dropped anything yet. I immediately thought that he was probably double micing so that his friend could know he was being robbed and had time to help him. Because of this both Bobby and I told him to stop talking and just drop his stuff so that we could make sure he didn't have his radio or any weapons. He continued speaking which is where I then shot him. In the player report the admin team stated that it seemed as if we were doing a 10 second robbery and by telling him not to talk we were just trying to avoid RP. This wasn't the case what so ever and we would have talked to him after and let him go with most of if not all his items. In another situation we didn't tell a guy to stop talking and moments later we were all sniped from down the airfield and killed because the guy was double micing that he was being robbed to his friend. One thing that should show you I am more capable of doing "10 second RP" is the fact that I followed him for nearly 10 minutes rather than going up and trying to rob him right away.  

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would honestly like to have the punishment reduced or even taken away because it was my first offense and from my point of view we were just taking precautions in order to value our lives. We made very little demands and they were very very simple to follow. If he would have just valued his life and listened to what we told him the situation would have been much longer and the story between us and Grishino would be much more in depth. From the way it ended I completely understand that it looks like we were just trying to do as little RP as possible but that wasn't the case.

What could you have done better?: We could have done a lot better. To start we could have just not bothered with robbing the guy and let him be. If we did rob him we could have told him a more specific reason right off the bat as to why we were holding him up and allowed him to talk. If we told him not to talk I could have said something along the lines of "Drop your radio and don't speak until you do." to ensure that he couldn't communicate to any possible friends he had. Or we could have even just allowed him to speak and seen how the situation played out. The person that reported us also mentioned the use of warning shots which could have definitely been used. There are so many different things that could have been done and each little difference could have made the situation play out differently.

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A team of staff has taken a look over your appeal and come to the following conclusion;

You can see in the video that you and your friend initiate on the OP, and begin to tell him the drop his weapon as well as his backpack. You decide to kill him after telling him once to stop talking, when in reality him speaking has no affect on you. In fact, you completely ended the roleplay due to him saying he's complying to your demands. He was a completely compliant hostage, causing no immediate problems to you or your friend. The roleplay provided in the situation was also not well thought out, you scream at him for demands he is following and then proceed to end the RP by killing him. For that reason, we will not be revoking any bans given to you in the verdict. In the future, telling someone one time to stop talking is not enough reason to completely end RP. Attempt to expand RP as much as possible to make it as enjoyable as possible for both sides.


Appeal Denied - Bans & Points Stay

me and @Brayces

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