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Server time (UTC): 2021-09-18 13:01

Blood, Bullets and Politics
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  • Sapphire

I am aware of previous threads about this but none of the "fixes" work ive been starring at a white screen for hours. Ive deleted mods re-downloaded them, Ive restarted my computer, tried -skipintro, and -nosplash

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Just leave it open and wait you will get in.

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  • Developer

The "white screen" is what happens when you get stuck in the queue of the server. This can happen for so many reasons. For me it's fixed by launching the game and joining through the DayZ server browser. Of course you have to make sure you're loading up the mods correctly.

I suggest using the launcher if you can.

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Whenever i experience this issue with the DayZ logo turning into a giant blob and engulfing your screen in white i simply leave it open for a short while of normally around five minutes and eventually i load in.

If this does not work, click here and connect to the server with this launcher, it should resolve the issue. 

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