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Sasha - Ruleplay appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: I

"In this report we see that G19 is mistakenly shot by an aggressor, and then let go by the man that shot him." 
- This here states that G19 was shot by an aggressor. This is incorrect as G19 was an aggressor. He was shot by a victim who was uncertain and didn't feel comfortable making a definite ID and acting on it.
This is something I am not aware of at the time, as I'm busy being shot at and ensuring my own survival.
I ID'd my target correctly after a second or two of processing, confirming that he is an aggressor, armed and dangerous in an area where I was actively fighting for my life
against him and his comrades and I am comfortable enough with my ID to engage the hostile. So I do.
He was also leaving in the direction of his friends on the hill, with his high powered sniper rifle. This to me further solidifies my positive ID as he's made it clear he's invested in the fight and will continue it.

To clarify: He was never a hostage of ours. He "complied" to his own groups initiation, and Dew then tried to crowd control. He was then sent off as Dew wasn't comfortable enough with his ID on him. He was never an actual hostage in RP. 

Keep in mind this is against an opposing party we've been at war with for quite a while and have had countless hostile interactions with. There is no questions in regards to their intentions, which again, were made clear when they initiated the firefight on us leaving us to defend ourselves and our lives.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I feel this report, despite taking a long time to handle, was skimmed through and rushed. Inconsistent with other reports where people comply to their own initiations.

It also seems the people responsible for the verdict has put undue trust in the word of the OP as opposed to mine in terms of the danger he posed.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of ban and points.

What could you have done better?:  With the information available to me at the time I do not feel like my actions were unwarranted.

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Sorry for the delay, after reviewing this situation the team reviewing this has decided that your ban and points will stay.

While your group may have not initiated the hostilities they were still giving out demands. G19 was told to leave town and that was what he was doing. He was following the demands given to him by your group when you killed him. At that point he was compliant and wasn’t a threat at the time.The miss communication or lack of communication between you and your group members resulted in the kill of a player who was complying to your groups demands.Seeing as he was following your groups demands you could’ve simply asked over the radio what was going on then reinitiated or give him a demand to go back and kept him hostage.

 Appeal denied - no action taken

myself and @Spartan

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