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New Grishino Frequency [104.1]

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*A transmission would begin from the center of Grishino*

Survivors in South Zagoria, this is Izaak Sirkov speaking. I am the Viceroy of a new settlement called New Grishino located in... Grishino. Today me and my associates held a meeting in town to discuss legislation, elect officials and discuss the plans for this new city. This frequency will serve as a means of discussion and information relay for people working and living in the town as well as outsiders.

If there are suggestions or complaints to be made they should be addressed here for the sake of record keeping, we have a man who will record all the transmissions coming through here. If the appropriate officers are not present in the town and an issue, grievance or other matter needs to be resolved, address it here. Basically any information relevant of the town should be discussed using this frequency. 

Try and keep the chatter to only relevant information please.

*The transmission would go silent*

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Sensing an opportunity for both security and work, Artemis picks up the radio:

*Hello, this is Art...this is Dr. Artemis calling for New Grishino. 
I wish to enlist my aid in your settlement. I can provide medical expertise. I'm a physician specialized in internal medicine, with 2 years of experience. 
I'm not affiliated to any groups in the area nor am I an enemy of anyone. 

I have my own medical supplies and can procure more. I can also supply your defenders with an SVD and a M4 assault rifle with plentifull ammo in exchange for your continued protection.

If you can find a place for me and guarantee my safety, I can heal your people. 

Artemis out*

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*Tyler comes onto the radio and listens and smirks*

considering we got the boot from town for some reason, can we send flowers or a gift or something to get our spot at the gas station back. I’d like the general to comment on this too.

*Releases PTT*


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*A transmission would go through*

We are in the process of setting up a bounty board. In the meantime however, I will give the details on the man we are looking for.

He is a mexican man named Juan. He is the brother of a man named Rico. He was last spotted wearing a brown hoodie, an ushanka wielding an AK. His crime was cold blooded murder within the town itself and he murdered one of my men in green armbands.

We want him alive. Your reward will be 400 rounds of any high caliber ammunition of your choosing. If you want another reward that can be arranged in person.

*The transmission goes silent.

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Tuning his radio to the frequency the General gave him, Artemis looks out the window. The cabin is as clean as it could be: he scrubbed the floors, changed the mattress on the bed with one with less blood, checked the locks, and organized his drug cabinet and BLS emergency closet. Content, he pushes the PTT:

"Greetings, fellow residents of New Grishino.

My name is Dr. Artemis and with the General's permission, I have set up an office in the black wooden cabin, across the turist info point. 
I offer medical services which include, but are not limited by:

*clears throat*

- Anamnesis and physical examination

- therapy and the drugs required for said therapy for a variety of "common" diseases

- trauma support 


- bullet removal and other "doctory" related issues


Please stop by if you require help from an actual specialist. No "here, you need a saline" or "morphine fixes everything" I've seen from my fellow "doctors".

First consultation is free. 

My hours of operation are every day, from 18-20, or 6 to 8 PM.
Artemis over."


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*A transmission would go through*

Citizens of New Grishino, this Viceroy Izaak Sirkov with an important announcement.

Those of you who were there for the first meeting at the church where the town began may have noticed Kamenici being present for the meeting. Originally they were going to help in the development of our city but recently things have changed rather abruptly and I feel I should give an explanation.

To keep things brief, Kamenici completely withdrew support for our free city and as such left a power vacuum. The people at the House have had to fill that vacuum and have been very helpful and efficient at preventing threats from taking control of the town. They may not be stationed inside the city for long periods of time but they are getting work done on the outside. Kamenici have unfortunately picked the side that opposes ours, allying themselves with another xenophobic group that have been named as Liska from my sources. They wear black armbands and are very outwardly hostile with foreigners. These men also stole from the largest shop in our town and vandalized it. Kamenici have drawn their line in the sand and have been harassing our men outside the borders of the city in an attempt to destabilize it and have also committed murder within the city itself, killing two and injuring others.

It is for these reasons that the Kamenici and the Liska groups are banished from the city. Members of each will attempt to infiltrate the town and sneak in. If discovered, citizens must report to an officer of the law or higher immediately. Only if no other options are available should citizens take matters into their own hands. Citizens who assist in apprehending trespassers will be rewarded.

Anyone with information regarding these two factions must have their information verified first before a reward is handed out. That is all for now. Stay safe out there.

*The transmission goes silent*

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*Shane picks up his radio and presses down the PTT*

"Alright Izaak pal how you getting on, any chance you could hook a man up with a gun and some clothes pal, it'd be greatly appreciated."

*Shane releases the PTT*    

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*A transmission would being*

Citizens of New Grishino, this is Viceroy Izaak Sirkov with an important message. Yesterday a bloody fight took place lasting a few hours and resulting in much unnecessary bloodshed. That could have marked the end of the town altogether but we aren't giving up that easily. Let the large factions battle with one another outside of our borders, we will continue to develop this city until it is a shining bastion of civilization in an uncivilized world.

I am asking any citizens, merchants, etc that would be interesting in an elected position of power in the city. City planners who organize the establishment of businesses, construction of infrastructure and events in the city as well as law enforcement are especially needed. We want the people to be able to govern themselves with some autonomy in the event myself, the general, New Moon or Saviors are not present to keep the peace.

Notify us on this frequency or find me in the city. I'll listen to anyone that steps forward.

*The transmission goes silent*  

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*Jakub picks up his radio and presses the PTT*

*you would hear snoring coming through the radio*

*Jakub releases his PTT*

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