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Micheal & More


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*Micheal sighs loudly as he waits for his can of beans to cook over his fire. He presses the PTT on his radio*

"Hello fellow citizens of the newly established New Grishino. My name is Micheal WInston. I'm with the National Bank."

*He pauses to stir his beans a little bit*

"Since the Bank is most likely going to be in charge of commerce within the town, it's entirely likely that I will be the banks representative to the town in this manner. Sal the Banks owner, would like to focus on the bank itself rather than deal with the matter of all the traders, from what I gather atleast. Although, everything I said previously could be entirely wrong and the town planners have different ideas than the bank being in charge of commerce."

*He pauses again, to remove the can from the fire*

"That's beside the point. This whole radio broadcast is about me talking about my new store. It's called Micheal & More. The store is located across the street from the Grishino pump, and beside the Bank. We will be opening within a few days, provided I get done with helping Sal and the boys set up the Bank. Bank comes first, I'm afraid. However, when Micheal & More opens for business, I will make another radio broadcast."

*He pauses once more, to take a bite of his beans. He begins to talk, but for a moment he's noticeably talking while chewing*

"Currently, I employ two people. If you want to apply to work for me, tell me over the radio or meet me in person. I will pay you using the new currency system the Bank is setting up. As of right now, we also need suppliers. To supply us with the goods we need to sell. Anyone interested in that, will be paid by the shipment. Thank you for your time. Shi-"

*He releases the PTT and curses, due to him accidentally knocking over his can of beans*  

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