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To the man named Frank, the law-keeper. [87.8]


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Wyatt would take a short look about his new "acquaintances", some sleeping while others mulled about or looked out the windows of the Christmas-colored house that they took shelter in.  The wolf attack on them left a few startled, and with night settling in it was nowhere near safe to start traveling again.  He'd stand up from the floor, his back lifting off the table he was propped up against.

I'm taking a look about.  I'll shout if I see any more.

He opened the door a crack, sticking his head out and looking side-to-side as he inspected the immediate area for the four-legged predators.  Seeing that he was in the clear, he would bound out from the doorway and close the door behind him.  The street ahead was empty, but the field across the road was littered with a few straggling remnants of good human society.  It wasn't long before he took out his radio, twisted the dial to turn it on, and spoke into it.

"Hey, uh... Frank?  You there?  This is Wyatt.  You said you were in Gorka earlier in the day.  With some law-keepers or something like that?  I hope you remember me.  I couldn't make it even though I said I was coming.  Got busted by a pack of wolves..."

He'd pause a moment before continuing his rambling.

"Listen, you and those law keepers... what do you mean by all of that?  Are you guys ex-police officers or something like that?  Do you fight crime?  I know that sounds quite childish now that I've said it... but I've never encountered a group of people that willingly called themselves, "law-keepers" in my travels.  I just wanted more on all of that.  I'm curious.  Hope you are still alive."

He'd lean up against a nearby tree, lowering the radio to his side as he continued to scan the far treeline for the wolf pack that was stalking them.

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