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Game looks little like PUBG, it is?

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Hello, I came here because of one reason - Our friends pack play together in PUBG (I'm pretty good), and one of our friends told us, that he don't like PUBG and he'll back to Day Z... An'd he's gone from Steam chat forever ^^
Starting play Day Z is worth? it is similar to PUBG?

I also play the Fallout76, an excellent and complex MMO RPG game in which you can trade Fallout currency. My favorite FO76 currency is, caps and stimpaks for sale, this is all my collection. I have a lot of caps  and I think it is very important in the Fallout 76. Is there some currency in Day - Z? like Fallout 76 cps for buy?

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Hey man. DayZ itself is like if you took PUBG and added a bunch of really boring shit to make your encounters with other people even more artificially meaningful and adrenaline pumped.

This server here, however, makes the boring shit less boring because you're working towards progressing a story. It's kind of like playing a single-player campaign except nobody's an NPC... everyone's kind of playing their own little single-player campaign.

You've got a lot of options at DayZRP, more than you'll get by playing on public servers. You can go it alone and experience the current world that way, or you can join up with a small or large group and assist them in progressing their group's story. All up to you really.

We used to have a mentor program, but it got scuttled because of low player interest. Maybe situations like this are reason for it to be around...?

Either way pal, I wouldn't buy DayZ unless you plan on playing it here. That's about all the value it's got to be honest, game's boring as shit. It's the community here that makes it really fun.

Good luck with whatever you plan to do.

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I mean yeah if you are into a survival type game, but if you prefer games like PUBG then I wouldn't recommend DayZ. 

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Hi LastSurvivor,

DayZRP is a roleplay server.  Our goal is usually not to be the last person standing as in a battle royale type game.  Instead, our focus is on advancing our character’s story by interacting with other player’s characters.

There is PvP on this server, but, it follows rather strict rules of engagement.  If you are only looking for PvP, then we’re probably not what you are looking for.  However, if you’d like to try something different, then give us a try. 

You might want to check out our Newcomer Guide https://www.dayzrp.com/newcomer-guide/  and our rules  https://www.dayzrp.com/rules/ before deciding either way.


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  • Sapphire

Other then the occasional "I crashed my helicopter here yesterday", no. 


But welcome dude. 

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  • MVP

Yea uhmmmm 


but welcome to the community! ?

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Yesterday I played the Beta Fallout 76 version, but today the game does not work anymore: O
As a curiosity, I will say that Fallout 76 is a survival game with fps. It's definitely not an RPG game.
Tomorrow I start playing Day Z.
Thank you

You have to spend a lot of time thinking about where to buy the currency to the Fallout76 most safely and most efficiently (in relation to costs). I definitely recommend Odealo as the most trusted store in this game, and which enjoys the trust of players and users. Generally, I think that people should help each other and thanks to that they will make each other happy. So if you want to buy Fallout76 caps or FO76 caps, I highly recommend it for buy Fallout 76 caps -> buy Fallout 76 caps

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