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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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A call for Jimmy


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*Ivan grabs his radio from his Vest..... Turns it on and switches to Freq 87.5*

*Hello, If anybody can hear me I am looking for a man Called Jimmy, I met Jimmy at Novy and last saw him at the airfield..... If anybody has information on his whereabouts please check in on frequency often*

*Transmition ends*

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  • Emerald

*Her ears perk up when she hears Jimmy's name being mentioned. She laughs and opens her transmission*

*You can hear a slight amusement in her voice*

Hello there stranger, last I heard he was about to be arrested in New Grishino for stealing a pear last night...however the town went quiet and I haven't heard from him since. If you see him, let em know Circie says hi!

*End transmission* 

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