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Bad version Error even with right Version


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Hello guys 

I have problems to join the server everytime I try it a error message pops up "bad version server rejected connection" i checked my game version and it's the same as the server is running on... And I already played on other 0.63. Servers 


If anyone can help that would be great 




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You need to be using our launcher to get the mods we've for our server.

Have a look here: https://www.dayzrp.com/download/

I also noticed that you haven't made a character page yet. You need to go here: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/ and press on the 'create new character' button and then fill out all the information for your character. The character you make doesn't have to be the same one you made for the whitelist, if you wish you can make a completely new character

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well XD thank you very much 
i´ll download it and try again

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now i´m able to join the Server but Right after loading is done Battleeye kicks me ``you have no alive Charakter or ist not set to public´´???

Ps: sorry i´m just a Player i´m really bad if it Comes to Problems with Computer Systems 

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5 minutes ago, Graiven said:


Check out my reply above as I edited it right after I posted it originally, it has a link in it which goes to the character pages. You need to have an active character on the forums to able to play, you could also check out this guide to get some tips on how to write a character page

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