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Lower Cooldown on "Item Shop" items.


Lower cooldown on shop items.  

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I personally think the the cooldowns on spawning in items is a bit to long. Now that they have added the items to the loot tables, I would like to able to spawn them in more often. Maybe between 4-8 hours.

Maybe a system where some items have shorter cooldowns, and some items longer cooldowns. For example lets say a T-shirt, because its common has a 4 hour cooldown. But a bandana mask, that is harder to find, has a 8 hour cooldown.

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Maybe it's possible instead to just limit how many times a day you can spawn the items? I mean, most people don't die more then once or twice a day so maybe just limit it to that. Then it wont be abused.

Don't know if that's something that can be coded @Roland ?


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The point of cooldowns is

  1. To not disrupt or overflow the central loot economy in game which handles regular spawning items
  2. To make players value their life, since if they die they know they won't be able to spawn new clothing for X hours.

For both purposes, I think 12 hours is reasonable.

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