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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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New Grishino (102.5)


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*General Visily would grab the radio*

Hello survivors, I need your help. I am forming a new government in Grishino called "The Free Peoples Nation". Right now, all laws, rules, and regulations... are a clean slate. I am looking for anyone who has ideas, wants, and hope.. to come meet me, General Visily, at the Grishino church.. tomorrow in the evening. 

At the church we will discuss the formation of this new settlement.. all the rules to be followed there.. laws we will try to impose.. and the future of our nearby world. No harm will come to those who join the forum.. help me, help everyone.. thank you!

*Visily would put the radio down*

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  • Sapphire

*Tyler comes onto the radio*

This sounds cool.. Anyway you can... you know.. Make sure those guys dont kill everyone?

*Tyler releases the PTT*

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*Grunts and responds*

Errhmm.. I've paid major parties.. alot of supplies to not attack this place. Lord help us.

*Puts the walkie down*

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  • Sapphire

*Tyler replies*

maybe you can bring peace to this war going on.. I hate violence. I just wanna chill and not get eaten alive. Do your best leader of the free world.

*Tyler releases his PTT*

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