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A Message To Theo [Free Medics Frequency]

Guest Beni

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*Carlo sits in the house that he has claimed, and takes a walk to the window. He would then take a small sip of his drink and tune his radio to The Free Medic Frequency and press the PTT Button*

 " Theo, it's Carlo.

I couldn't come to see you yesterday, I got caught up in something...


I request your presence tonight, I have an offer for you.

I'll contact you with the place we'll be,

See you soon Kiddo.

*The radio would fall silent* 

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*Theo awakens as his radio crackles to life, rubbing the tiredness out of his eyes.  Carlo's voice calls out.  After hearing the transmission, he picks up his radio to reply.*

"Carlo?  Hope you figured out what you got caught up in.  You seem to be able to deal with your own problems, after all.

*He smirks for a second, before looking out of his cabin window nervously, for any eavesdroppers.*

I'll see you soon, Carlo.  You know where to find me.  Out.

*The radio falls silent, as Theo lays back down to a restless night.*

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