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Server time (UTC): 2021-09-25 11:49

S1: RDM | Stary Sobor Server time: 2018-10-23, 23:34


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  • Sapphire

Server and location:  S1 Stay Sobor Tents. 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  Server time: 2018-10-23, 23:34

Your in game name: Luke Krey

Names of allies involved:  None around at the time. 

Name of suspect/s:  Logs will show. 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A

Detailed description of the events:  I was talking some shit to a few lads in tents one of them takes out their gun and points it at my head and tells me to drop my radio on the ground I am telling him I am going to do it and he gasses me. That is about it. 

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  • Legend

Hit Logs:

[2018/10/23 23:29:59]: (Luke Krey) hit by (Bobkis Shekelstein) to LeftArm with Bullet_556x45 
[2018/10/23 23:29:59]: (Luke Krey) hit by (Bobkis Shekelstein) to Head with Bullet_556x45 
[2018/10/23 23:29:59]: (Luke Krey) hit by (Bobkis Shekelstein) to Torso with Bullet_556x45 
[2018/10/23 23:29:59]: (Luke Krey) hit by (Bobkis Shekelstein) to Spine with Bullet_556x45 ) 

Kill Logs:

[2018/10/23 23:29:59]: (Luke Krey) killed by (Bobkis Shekelstein)

Connection Logs:

[2018/10/23 22:29:28]: (Lewie Stewie) connected 
Still IG.
[2018/10/23 22:28:14]: (Bobkis Shekelstein) connected 
Still IG.

Calling in @Willy Stroker & @PsiSyndicate to post their POVs.


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  • VIP

This man was excessively trash talking us for no reason, and threatened to call in his "20 chernorussian friends" on the radio, so Bob told him "put your hands up and don't say a word", about 5 seconds after that he repeated what Bob just said with "drop my radio and don't say...?" (he was dead by time he finished talking). Bob wanted to disarm his of his radio to eliminate this treat, instead he chose to blatantly talk on TeamSpeak to echo what we just told him with his friends.

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3 minutes ago, PsiSyndicate said:


Do you happen to have a clip of this from your stream? Thank you.

2 minutes ago, Willy Stroker said:


Please provide us with a full and detailed point of view.

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  • Sapphire

my bad did not hear the do not speak part. I was repeating what he said to make sure I was doing everything correctly. // this can be closed. 

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  • Legend

We'll honor the close, we'd like to say a few words beforehand. 

Since the demand was literally "Don't say a word" and then the opposing party spoke, that was enough reason to shoot. It's like saying "Don't raise your gun" and you decide to raise your gun and disobeyed a direct command. We did not see any rulebreaks here. We're glad you've managed to come to a happy conclusion though and decided to close the report. 

/Closed upon request.

Signed by @Jamie, @Sleepyhead & @DrMax


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