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Deleting character pages marked as "dead"


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  • Diamond

Why is that we aren't allowed to delete character pages marked as dead? Furthermore, why is that you can set a dead character as active as well as edit the character page, what if you wanted to add the parts of the story that led to that characters death? I am attempting to delete a character page that was marked as deceased, so it would be nice if some of these were options.

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  • Legend

Give me the name of the character and I’ll handle it. As for why you can’t delete I have no idea an oversight maybe? @Roland

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  • Diamond

PMed you the deets.

Also if that's the case, it's not necessarily a big deal, it's just that with the character cool-down it sucks if you accidentally set the dead character as active and your stuck and have to get a reset from a GM.

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  • Server Manager

This is intentional, dead characters should be left for future reference purposes. 

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People like to look back on their characters i guess, for memory purposes? I'm not one to do that but some people have some great memories attached to their characters so i can see why this is would be a thing.

I can see why the option to delete them could be useful though.

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  • Sapphire
3 hours ago, Roland said:

This is intentional, dead characters should be left for future reference purposes. 

This was about to be my comment

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