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Hello, everyone.

Just popping my head in to say hello, not really sure how to introduce myself but I'm Luis otherwise known as Voh. I'm not very experienced with roleplay over voice, though I have roleplayed over text for around five or six years, just hoping this jump to voice won't put me off! Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting involved with my new character and meeting some of you ingame!

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  • Sapphire

Welcome! Always nice seeing new faces, and with experience nonetheless.

Staff members are there to help you with any  inquiries you may have, don't be afraid to ask!

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  • MVP

Welcome! your PFP seems familiar but still Welcome to the family!

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Hey Voh. Trust me, text rp is still important here. All gestures, leaning, etc are typed (other than ones that are available in the radial menu) so it enhances the experience.

Also, there are text-only RPers such as myself. I can't be shouting at 4AM, so I do text only. Occasionally I jump on voice for the radio, but for the most part I use emotes and text.  If you are more comfortable with that, people are very accommodating. Looking forward to meeting you!

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