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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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Just a couple of questions.


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Hey having been away for some time. I just wanted to double check before I jump on in-game about bringing back old characters I've had in the past who are deceased. Am I even allowed to bring them back to life? 

If I am allowed, how do I go about doing that? do I restart my character as completely new or do I carry on the story minus the death of the character?

sorry if I'm asking a dumb question I literally have no idea on the exact changes that have been brought to the server. advice would be great thanks ? 

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Unfortunately if you killed off your characters this current lore, you're not allowed to bring them back as setting them to deceased is a permanent status.

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all charachters from the previous lore can be brought back even when they where perma'd, but you have to start them as completely new and they know nobody

but if it's a charachter form this lore, you will have to go  with what sleepy said

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