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Any way to put your hands up in 0.63 ?

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Soon™, devs are napping

Just put one hand up (F1), that's what I've been doing

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As of right now it is not possible as the surrendering animation is not currently on the 0.63 experimental branch. What people use instead is either using the F2 waving animation or the F1 animation while saying something like: ''My hand hard up'' or ''I surrender''.

The surrender animation has been intrudced in the 0.63 Stress Test so hopefully it won't be too long until we get to see it.

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People are still using the F2, but I find it very immersion breaking. I personally use the F1 (raise one hand) while making compliance statements ("All right man, I don't want any trouble" "Don't shoot, I'll do what you say" etc.)

Do not raise your weapon, do not make sudden movements, you'll be all right.

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