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spawn options like in dayz origins

Do you wnat something like this in DayZRP?  

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  • Developer

I personally think the spawns should stay randomized or maybe something where you could choose a general area at most (maybe something like West, South-West, South, South-East etc.)


I should mention that the next update will change the spawns, once again, and spread them out more.

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  • Diamond

Spawn locations is a terrible idea, why would I choose cherno as a spawn when say Kab is one and I can get geared up quicker.

random spawn points are a million times better and tbh even the current ones I don’t like and I would prefer them to be more spread out. 

So it’s a no from me 

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  • MVP

choosing where you can spawn anywhere on the map would be a horrible Idea due it opening a door for people to just spawning near their body and grabbing everything back and it could also be abused in later patches of the game for PVP purposes. But I do think what Kerkoh said would be way way better then what we have now.

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