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Bring back the Karaoke Chat

The Traveler

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The community as a whole used to do some stupid, but fun as fuck shit back in the day. 

One of em was the Karaoke room. We had a music bot and, once a month, we'd usually do an open mic night where a bunch of tipsy as shit lads would have a good o'l sing along , bellowing out Bohemian Rhapsody and forgetting the Lyrics to Muse songs... 

I think, with this big push into making this place a more tight knit community again, we need to bring back some of the silly but fun things we'd do once a month. 

We are all here to have fun! Also low key I want to hear @Dr Brandon's rendition of "don't stop me now" on a monthly basis again ❤️ 

So let's do it! BRING BACK THE KARAOKE ROOM! ❤️ 

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hell yeah baby +1

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  • Sapphire

It was very entertaining, +1. Maybe the chernarussians can connect to foreigners through a love of music.

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