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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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The Death of Alex Moody (Open Frequency)


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  • Diamond

*John leans over his brothers lifeless body, shot to pieces. He looks at Alex in the face and tears begin to run down his face, he reaches for his radio and sets it to an open channel and hits the PTT.*

"You fucking animals......you fucking bastards."

*John pauses to wipe the tears rolling off his face*

"You know, I thought everything was going well. Was making friends, killing our enemies.....and then we got too cocky."

"It happened so god damn fast, we couldn't....I..I couldn't get to him, to save him from his fate, and now...now I'm left with nothing but a void in my heart."

*John's sadness quickly turns to rage the more he looks at his brothers lifeless corpse*

"Fuck Gorka, Fuck the bank, and Fuck all those who plotted together to kill him."

"You slimey cowards, you are all worthless sub human beings."

"Now more than ever, I don't care who you are, if you aren't my friend then you are my enemy."

"When I find all those responsible, I will water the grass with your blood."

*John releases the PTT. God fucking dammit Alex, why'd you have to get yourself fucking killed you piece of shit, who will help look after Jack?*


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  • Sapphire

*Tyler hears the broadcast and feels sadness*

fuck man that sucks I’m sorry to hear that. Good luck.

*He thinks about how quick one of his friends or even him could die at any moment. He realizes he’s been living in s fantasy land*


*he turns off his radio*

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  • Sapphire

*He hears the man over the radio and becomes deeply concerned*

"Jesus, what the fuck happened? I'm so sorry to hear that, but sorries don't get us anywhere."

*He pauses*

"I'm willing to do anything I can to help you. I'm not sure what happened, but those who killed him will not get away with it. My boys will do the same. Give the order, and we'll move for you."

*He releases the ptt*

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  • Sapphire

*kodiak takes his radio*

"I can confirm this I saw it with my own eyes*

"Your next Jhon"

*Kodak would turn on the Chernarussian anthem*

"Slava chernarus"

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He'd pick up the radio and reply to John,

"You have Chernarussian warwolves knocking on your doorstep and you want to divert your attention to a bunch of smugglers and mercenaries that have done you no harm?

You deserve what the Chernarussians do to you at this point. Good luck, pal."

He'd set down the radio.


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  • Diamond

*Mary is sitting reading when she hears the radio coming to life hearing the news tears form and she picks the radio up*

"John oh god not Alex, the bastards he was the reasonable one, I  hope you respond in kind, and karma slaps them in the face ten fold."

*Wipes the tears from her eyes* 

"I'm on my way home give me some time he was my friend fuck he was afraid to speak to girls, the bloody cowards, im on my way back, i leave to relax a bit and then find out some asshole has killed my friend"

*She starts laughing in a sarcastic way*

"You killed the one who kept the other two back the one who made them rational and made them think twice on what to do. Know there is no one to talk them down. Hope all who killed Alex are sleeping with one eye opened because anyone involved with his death no matter how minor will have their head on a spike or worse by the time john and Jack moody are finished. John, Jack i'm coming back soon i have a bit to travel but i am coming back"

*Releases the PTT button looking at her bag she starts to pack*

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  • Diamond

*John wakes up, with Alex's body propped up against a tree he went to sleep near. He looks at Alex once more, and remembers that everything that happened the prior day was not a horrible nightmare, but instead a grim reality that he now had to face. He reaches for his radio and hits the PTT*

"Ya know, you dogs have some real courage to spread lies of my brothers death. I've known him longer than you, if anything he spit in your face and called you a coward before you shot him."

"And Mary is right......there is no holding us back now, nothing will stop us now, fuck being rational, fuck being merciful. You took someone that has always had my back, always been there for me. Kept me fucking sane."
"You think this is a win for you, you think you'll kill another one of us, but you are so sadly mistaken. What you did accomplish is the beginnings of a genocide of your entire ethnicity."

*John reaches for the American flag draped over Alex's face, and begins to fold it..You and your damn morals Alex, maybe if you had just said fuck it sometimes we'd of already murdered all these dogs before they got to you..John picks up the radio once more and hits the PTT*

"And for the shitbirds that said I deserve this, I got a message for you: I'm going to take everything that you love and replace it with hate and sadness."

*John releases the PTT, and picks up Alex's body and begins to carry him to where he will be buried.*


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