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What to Do Right Now? EXP 0.63


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  • Sapphire

Hey, just figured I would start a topic on what it is a player who hasn't tried 0.63 experimental the RECENT or ANY patches--- can do...

I haven't gotten on 0.63 since June 2018, and I haven't really been on much since. Truth be told, after 0.62 stable server was taken down by Rolle, I didn't have much interest in instability of the experimental branch, however this was back before modding and lack of content and they allowed hosting for the 0.63 exp branch.

Anyways, So what's new? Anything I should be excited about or other thoughts? I am not even certain where to begin, or where to loot to get my character looking like he should..

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  • Sapphire

I personally didn't start playing when 0.63 experimental became a thing but watching videos, I'd say it's come a long way. 

Rarely a bug to be encountered, on my end at least, I wouldn't even call it unstable but for the sake of DayZ as a whole, it's best they label it as such,

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