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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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Unnecessary Post


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: I was not overly hostile, I contributed to the conversation after foreigners began talking back.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My character is very radical and has developed a hatred for foreigners. Upon hearing foreigners that believe they belong in chernarus and that they are in the right, Yuri was obviously angry, and promised that he would put them in their place, not off topic, not overly hostile as it fits the discussion of the campaign against the foreigners.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed, post reinstated.

What could you have done better?: I could have made it a little more obvious that I was more than just hostile and added a little more to the post.

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Greetings @N-ToxRP,

A separate team has looked over your Appeal and come to the following conclusion.

Your post in the Radio Chatter is the a exact example of being a Radio Warrior by violating the following Radio Chatter rules;


Hate messages, overly hostile replies/radio warriors, provoking, taunting/replies that add nothing to the conversation, consist of just insults, laughter, mocking of others, memes, etc.

Regardless of your characters intentions or morals you need to provide more in your Radio Chatter responses beyond simply insulting or provoking. You are welcome to be aggressive and assertive, but you need to contribute to the conversation(s) taking place or add something beyond "We are going to kill you, watch out" type of responses. 

I know you can formulate something worthwhile as you are a more than adequate Role Player. 

/Appeal Denied, Points remain.

Solved by myself with notes.

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