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The Journal of Marcus

Lost Red Coat

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Day 1 of Record:

It's nice to take a break from roaming house to house and to take a seat by a tree, the weather is lovely for a change without a cloud in the sky. Today I've lightly filled my bag with lots of food and drink, far more than I will ever need for ones self. I have everything I need to keep myself well looked after right now, fresh clothes, food, water, a gun, it's strange to think anyone can be comfortable and... Dare I say it, happy in this rising hell.

For the life of my I still can't read Russian but I have been roaming around by a huge forest and higher up in altitude, this village I stumbled across even had a Church! It was about time I found my inner religion of Christianity, it's at times like today that I feel God is looking down on me with a helping hand. For the last few days God has guided me and helped me along my journey, it feels only right to do a bit of giving myself. If anyone finds my journal after I pass, or I lose my book, head to a house of the lord to find help if you are struggling to feed and drink.

It's quite nice knowing that there's working Polaroid cameras even after the world has gone to shit...


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