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New to DayzRP

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So after considering it for quite a long time i finally decided to create and account and send off a whitelist application but i'm just curious about the application process. obviously if my request is permitted it will say so on my profile but how would i know if it has been declined? Will my "whitelist" section still remain as just no or will it let me know that i've been denied.


Many Thanks 

Rob ? 

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  • MVP

Hey TheRoyalMac,

Welcome to DayZRP! Glad to hear you decided to take your place among us and I wish you good luck with your application. All your questions regarding whitelisting should be answered by the Newcomer Guide. If not, you can refer to the FAQ section or talk to us on Discord. It just takes a bit of patience on your side.

Hope to see you out there!

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Hey Semiazas, 

Thank you for the warm welcome and thanks for letting me know just i keep refreshing hoping to see that i have been whitelisted but iot is yet to change so im just crossing my fingers. 


Many Thanks Rob 

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  • MVP

Welcome to the community, best of luck with the application!

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  • Sapphire

Welcome bro 

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