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Trading Outpost, All are welcome (Open Frequency)


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  • Diamond

*John picks up the radio and hits the PTT*

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen of Chernarus, we the Saviors have decided that we wanted to try and establish a hub in order to reestablish society in a town Northeast of Novy Sobor."

"In this city we will not hold grudges to any past disagreements with groups, here we want to establish some order and a place to resolve disputes peacefully."

*John pauses before he continues his broadcast*

"We are looking for doctors and traders to establish a sort of commerce and public services for those that happen by. We are not outlawing any sale of products, you are free to sale what you wish as long as it does not disturb the local populace."

"We are providing the security and will be hiring additional guards to patrol the area if need be."

*John releases the PTT momentarily before finishing his speech*

"And finally I will be the Governor of this town, as you know we Saviors plan on establishing a government that everyone in Chernarus will be able to get behind. And Gorka will be the capital where we will begin our quest to return Chernarus to its former glory.

That is all for now ladies and gentlemen, if you are interested please contact me on this frequency, or just meet us there sometime tomorrow, we are still making arrangements as we speak to make sure this will work. John Out."

*John releases the PTT and lays down to sleep for the night*

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  • Sapphire

*Rico holds down his PTT*

"Hey hows it goin dudes, Its Rico. I'm just letting all chu know that If anyone infringes on my business transactions I'll let that choppah bang esse. Me and my padre Thomas have got that shit on lock, and we don't like competition dudes. Were stocked on Codeine, Dexamphetamine, and diazpam. Drugs to help you relax and focus, we're working on getting a little THC farm setup too. I don't mind fuckin doctors helpin people and shit, but if i catch you peddling chur shit. You're dead esse. Stop by Rico's trap house if chur looking for a good time"

*Rico releases his PTT*

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*Leonard listens carefully and then holds the PTT*

" Names Leonard, but you can call me Jarhead. My friend Jack and I are interested in providing help. He might people able to provide minor medical treatment and would like to trade. I am a Marine... Or at least I was before the shit. Would love the opportunity to provide some security."

*Leonard releases the PTT and awaits a response*


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Seeing a potential lucrative trade opportunity, Artemis picks up the radio:

"This is Artemis. To the Saviors spokesperson, I would be willing to trade a large amount of goods in said city if you can provide some evidence that this is not a trap of some sorts.

*stops the transmission for a couple of seconds, then resumes*

To Rico, would you be able to...uh...procure a list of antibiotics in exchange for top quality oxy with a splash of dexa, cod and some Xanax? I could also throw in ammo, if you're interested in that. 

Artemis out."

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  • Diamond

*The radio cracks in to life with a hiss and a pop and you can hear the faint sound of DMX in the background*


“Wahgawn big man, now let’s get right to the point and not beat around the bush aye, we have some great deals coming up on some fine products that are great and you’ll be stupid to miss out on this once in a life time deal to work with us”


*The radio goes quite and you can hear whispering from multiple people in the background*


“Now we need a nice area, some would say either a little market place like the good old market back home in blighty like Camden or if you wanna give us a house to sell out of even better, but we need a fair bit of space for this operation”


“See the product we sell needs watering and feeding and we have to keep them happy, these ain’t no free range vegan friendly hipster chickens we are flogging here big man but more like your industrial everyday work horse if you get what I mean WINK WINK” 


*The radio starts to crackle with the music getting louder and you can make out the words, where da hood at* 


“Now we look forward to hearing from you, this deal ain’t gonna sit on the table for much longer and one way or another we will be using your town me old mucca so let’s keep it business like aye?”


*The radio goes silent*

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*Josif begins to talk while eating a well cooked beef steak*

"You are governor of Chernarussian town? A foreigner?"

*Josif spits his food out*

"Well i think i'll have to set up a shop in your town, a shooting range perhaps!"

*Josif laughs before shutting off his radio*

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*Lachlan would press down on his radio and take a swig of his homemade juice*

*You would hear a very thick Australian accent*

"You nationalistic swine really think you are something ey? one of you fellas hit me with a fucking spade yesterday, a spade, really?"

"Anyways, I hope you choke on your pride and shit yourselves, have a good day"

"Names Lachlan"

*You would hear a burp and the radio cuts out*

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  • Sapphire

*Kodiak would listen to the Chernarussian anthem while writing down some numbers then takes his radio*

" Well Lachlan nice meeting you*

*he would write down the mans name*

" Gonna be nice to visit a chernarussian town"

" You subhumans are weird please leave our country 

*he would put the radio down and eats a chernarussian fish*

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  • Diamond

*Falk picks up the radio and presses the PTT*


Trading camp huh? I will be down to see what I can do to help.


*Falk lets go of the PTT*

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  • Sapphire

* Nikolai replaces the bandages on his wound and takes a swig of Rasputin Kvass, he swishes it around before picking up the radio, holding down the PTT *

"Dobree den, saviors, ano? The same saviors that held me at gunpoint for being Chernarussian? being native in a country that isn't yours, is how you say .. Ironic? Anyway, I haven't had the best meeting with your people but you do you, I guess."

*  You'd hear a can being opened before he notices that his PTT is stuck, he reaches over and un-sticks it, returning to the can *

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Harry hears the Chernarussian militia on the frequency after the Saviors' transmission and decides to respond.

"Saviors. I believe I've met some of you before. We're interested in supporting your town and coming to an agreement. Switch your transmitters to 46.8 if you're interested."

He'd put down the radio.

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  • Sapphire

*tyler comes on* 

I got plenty to trade and sell, I’m with you on this one Harrison 

*Turns off his radio*

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  • Sapphire
18 hours ago, G19RP said:

*Zednik holds the PTT*

"Hello, my name is Zednik and my friends and I would love to help your town! We can provide all sorts of services, like protection, balaclava sales and ethnic cleansing. Just let us know when and where and well be there man!"

*Zednik releases the PTT*

*Tyler winces as he talks on the radio*

shit that doesn’t sound good, I’m a good dude I don’t want any beef. 

*tyler turns off his radio*

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  • Diamond

*John hits the PTT*

"Well it sounds like there are some very interested people, and I can assure you this is no trap. Our intentions are good and in the best interest of everyone in Chernarus, even the nationalist whom I hope will reconsider having this place as a neutral zone where everyone can use it to resolve differences."

"Hopefully many of you will see this as the first step to reclaiming our civilization and progressing to make Chernarus as good as a place can be for being in the apocalypse."

"That is all for now, if you have any further concerns, please don't hesitate to make them known so they can be addressed formally."

*John releases the PTT*  

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  • Diamond

*John picks up the radio and hits the PTT*

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, just an update, Gorka has been thriving and we hope more people are willing to stop by. It has been great seeing everyone down there, lots of smiles."

"At the moment Gorka is free of bandits, and will remain so for as long as possible."

*John releases the PTT*

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