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Drogy A Hovno [Open Frequency]


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*Viktor would look out of the window in the town. He opens his backpack and see's his pile of drugs. Looking at the brands and makes of drugs he gets an idea. Vik slowly picks up his radio and presses the PTT. He would speak with a chernarussian accent* 

"Dobrý den. My name is Viktor and I am looking for some assistance."

*He looks into his bag again and presses the PTT*

"I have a selection of drugs from medical use to personal use. I am looking to get into a sort of business to trade some. I'm sure some doctors or crack heads need some drugs in their lives so why not get a deal, or some sort of payment ano?" 

"I currently have multiple types of painkillers, morphine, these water bag things and some cold flu medicine. That shit hits the spot!"

*He would give a brief chuckle as he carries on*

"Anyway, I am willing to trade some for the right price.. As well as this, I am looking for a chemist to help me create some more of these drugs. So if anyone knows of or is a chemist make sure you get in touch!"

*He releases the PTT and picks back up his bag* 

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*Domek listens to the broadcast and deceides to respond in Chernarussian*

Instead of selling you should maybe contribute medicine to us, we who try to free the country of foreign invaders.

*Domek pauses for a brief moment before adding*

Do not waste your time with drugs bratr,  do something productive for the sake of our homeland...

*Domek releases the PTT*

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**Nathan listens to the conversation, waits for a moment and begins to broadcast. He speaks with a western european accent**

"I hear you, mate. Too much pain in this world and too few pills. Name's Doc and I've been looking for a partnership like you're suggesting." 

"I don't know what kind of payment you like but I was a chemist not too long ago. Then a couple of people died, came back to life and the demand for chemists kind of plumetted. It was all in the news."  

"So. Long story short. I got what you need and you got what I want. Just tell me where, i'll tell you when I can be there."

**Releases the PTT then presses it shortly**

"Doc out!

**Releases the PTT again and static continues**



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*Hana tilted her head to the side curiously as she listened in to the transmission on her radio.
She glanced toward Tyler & Harrison sitting across from her with a subtle smirk on her lips before pressing down on the PTT to reply.
She spoke Chernarussian.*

"Hello there, Viktor.
Before you meet with any of these other lowlife addicts, I think you & I should meet.
Maybe I can introduce you to a few of my friends.
Don't let those drugs go to waste for personal use. We can discuss business in person, if you would be so kind.
If you're worried, bring a few friends along. I don't mind.
Name's Hana, by the way.

Get in touch, yeah?"

*Before she released the PTT, you could just barely hear two men snicker in the background before there was silence.*

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**Presses the PTT again and speaks in sloppy Chernarussian**

"I  make business with Chernarussian language if you need it" 

**Releases the PTT again and static continues**

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