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Invalid Kill/BadRP - Stary Sobor - 13/10/18 - 10:50PM GMT


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Server and location: Stary Sobor grid: (at external map https://dayz.xam.nu/) 6206.13/8011.88 Northeast from military area up the hill next to this litle voltage transformation substation with one blue door and a fence arround it  , DayZRP.com - S1 - EU

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 13.10.2018, Realtime 10:47 at evening GMT (Server Time unknown cause we where upset and stoped playing)

Your in game name: Paul pan Bam

Names of allies involved: Peter pan Bam

Name of suspect/s: 2 Guys Unknown one of these in RP the other one where not

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no Vehicles

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): just us

Detailed description of the events: We where Roleplaying to a guy to ask Questions about Susan (The missing Wife of Peter pan Bam) I was covering my friend and i stepped behind the "Stranger" just to safe the Situation. Peter was asking this man about the missing woman and we forced him to drop the weapon so he can move on with his character without being a thread to us. Actually in this moment a shot came out of nowhere from the right hand side of peter and killed him directly. It was from the left hand side from my position. The other player which we where talking to, was using the situation and grabbed his M4A1 and moved behind a tree and killed me instead without any roleplay conversation.  The second thing was that he wasn't talking to anyone in VOIP ingame and he eventaully communicated via an external talking program like discord or teamspeak so it wasn't feel like any fairplay in this moment.

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Hello i was the person you decided to initiate on here is my pov. Not sure why this report is up as you initiated on me and got killed because of it, i replied to all of your questions the whole time and even doubled mic'ed it over the radio for all of my brothers to hear. 

I was exiting Stary via the electric box hill (little white box with a blue door) and i was confronted by a man in a bush who immediately pointed his M4 in my face and asked me to "stop", i instantly pulled my own M4 out and kept it by my side just as a precautionary measure. I asked the man why he was asking me to stop and he said to "put my gun away as there had been many shots" i then asked "what do you want me to do" and he replied "there has been many shots i want to know what happened" i then reply along the lines of "what do you mean i don't know what has happened i have been down there having a look myself mate"  i then began to walk forward as i wanted to leave i then asked again "why are you aiming your gun at me" and also broadcasted to my nearby brothers that someone is aiming a gun at me, i then tell the chap "im getting pretty fucking annoyed that you are aiming a gun at me to be honest" he then stops aiming his weapon at me.

He then began to ask me a question which was cut off by his friend standing behind me and telling me to "not turn around" and i replied "you do realise my brothers are here right" he replied "your buddy isn't here anymore" then the man in front of me asked "is this your group" to which i reply "no but i have boys here i don't know what group you are on about, i was just looking into the town" i then asked "can i leave can i go" he then replied "why do you want to go" to which i replied "can i walk away that's all i want to know can i walk away right now" as i didn't any longer want to be in a situation that seemed to be turning pretty hostile, he replied "not yet" he then asked me "do you know Susan" i replied "no i don't know a Susan... what?" he then says again "do you know the group down there" i replied "no i don't know the group down there" (down there = Stary) he then tells me to drop my weapon i do so immediately and my Brother begins to open fire, the first guy dies and his friend then runs around 15 meters east and raises his weapon to me, i ask multiple times "should i come to you, should i come to you" to which i receive no reply, with the cover of a tree in front of me and the safety of nearby brothers i pick my weapon back up off the ground and killed him.

There were 7 of us in the area at the time and 2 very close by, i warned them of this before they initiated but they didn't seem to believe me. I spoke and answered all questions and i didn't try to avoid RP in anyway. I would also like the GM's who will look at this report to consider the roleplay coming from their side as it wasn't in anyway enjoyable for myself as i was constantly being asked the same question and had a gun immediately aimed at me for no apparent reason.

I am also happy to talk this over in Teamspeak please let me know if you would like to do so or not, as i think it would be easier for me to tell you in voice what happened and i can also address any concerns you have.


Server Time unknown cause we where upset and stoped playing - not sure why you were upset you were being hostile towards me and i gained defence rights and so did everyone nearby who i was playing with. Please see the rule below to see what i am referring to.

f you are attacked by other players and subjected to a hostile action you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining  DEFENSE RIGHTS on the attackers. Defense rights allow you to kill other players for 2 hours or until your character dies. Defense rights can be shared with everyone that you recently role played with as well as all your group members, if you are a part of an approved group.

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not sure if i should post my POV or not, but I'll do it anyway.

A few minutes prior to this I met the same two gentleman in the treeline North-East of Stary Sobor. They stopped me and asked me a few questions. They did the same thing to me too. Walking around my and trying  to get me in between them. So i told the guy to stop doing that. That's when I pulled my weapon of my back. They asked me the same questions. Those were: 1. If i knew a Susan, and 2. If i knew what the gunshots were about. While answering the questions, one of the two persons started pointing a gun at me. I told him to stop doing that, and that they were making me feel uncomfortable. I then told them I would leave because of that. That's where my situation enden with the two men. I have video evidence and will be uploading it if needed. If my POV is not needed I will get rid of it.

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Hit logs

20:47:43 | Paul pan Bam hit by Tyrone Hunter to Torso with Bullet_556x45
20:47:32 | peter pan bam hit by Daniel Hess to RightArm with Bullet_556x45
20:47:44 | Paul pan Bam hit by Scott Green to RightArm with Bullet_762x54

Kill logs

20:47:32 | peter pan bam killed by Daniel Hess
20:47:44 | Paul pan Bam killed by Scott Green


Calling in @p4n, @lemonade319 and @Scottd to post their full, detailed POV and provide any video evidence you have. 

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Hey, my PoV is essentially that we as a group headed toward Stary, after taking a drink from the pond on the entrance I headed toward a two story red building as i heard that some of our guys had encountered some people deeper in Stary who were acting shifty. I moved to the two story red building in order to attempt to cover them. Not long after this Matt informs us of people next to him on the electic box hill, as he's talking to the duo things start to get seemingly hostile at which point I draw my attention toward Matt's location at which point I have a perfect view of one of the pair. I keep my sights on him up until he initiaties on Matt, at which point I open fire killing one of them in one/two shots.

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My Pov: Some of the group ran into Stary, I had an SVD so ran up and behind sniper hill to cover. I saw and spoke to one of the guys, not sure which one of them it was. He basically just asked me If I was with that group down there and said there was some trouble down in Stary so I left and moved back into cover but still only about 50m away.

Matt moves up to the hill whilst I'm still up there just out of visual range of the OP. I start to move closer as Matt is double micing the entire conversation asking "Can I leave, why won't you let me leave" etc. 

Matt then gets surrounded and told to drop his weapons. Lemonade then kills one of them from down the hill I believe, the other man is then telling Matt to follow him, he picks up his M4 and shoots at him, I then peak over the hill crest covering me and shoot the man aiming his weapon and trying to force escort Matt with my SVD. This all happens in a couple seconds as you can see from the logs.

I'm not sure if your hit logs have the range on them but If they do, you will see I kill him with an SVD from approximately 10-20m away? Showing I was also within a pretty close distance when they initiated on Matt

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Myself and Coldblood have had a talk in teamspeak in regards to the event that unfolded which led to this report. It seems there was a misunderstanding and we have agreed the report will be closed, i will await Coldblood's reply to confirm this.


Glad we could talk it out in TS. ?

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so hey guys

for now on i can shoot everyones face if i just said 2 sentens before? i mean i let him go

i told him to lay down his weapon and he can run.

this two ppl was in ts or discord.. and he was afraid of losing charakter..


iam pissed sry

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The staff team have looked over the report and we have agreed for it to be /closed.

In a situation like this no rules have been broken. You initiated and the hostages friends watched it happen and since being in a dynamic, had defensive rights and defended him. Just keep in mind next time about people in dynamics groups and that they may have friends. 

We're glad you managed to talk it out!

Signed by @DrMax, @Sleepyhead and @Jamie

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