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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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The Old and the New (Im back!)

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Greetings, fellow survivors.

A long time ago, I used to play on here and made some friends.

Sadly life had other plans and my DayzRP career had to take a break. I am now back. Sadly, it seems non of my old friends are around any more.

I used to run with a group of Freedom Fighters known as the Zagoria Zarmuteki. Before that I was part of The Employer's drug smuggling and trading operations.


With my old comrades no longer around, I will be spending most of my game time on trying to make new acquaintances and business opportunities.

Good to be back. Lets do this :D

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Welcome back mate, Slava Chernarus

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Welcome back!  I'm in the same pickle. After a year away, it's hard to tell who's still around and what groups are active.  A couple of months ago, I tried to get IC info about the groups, and my questions were met with "Oh, there's people around. Just people." 

Look forward to meeting you IG!

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