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Static Radio Stations and RP'ing a DJ

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I had plans to start up a radio station at Altar, stick a couple car batteries in the broadcast station and crank out old tunes and act like a DJ, somewhat of a Three Dog of Chernarus. I did it for about half an hour before a server restart, until both my car batteries died and I couldnt use the static radio anymore. After the server restarted Jamie put in the teamspeak global chat "Anyone going OOC playing music will get banned instantly. Thanks." and I wasn't sure if it applied to me or not. As I never broke character during my broadcast and played songs that were all pre 2017 due to the lore stating thats when the infection hit, I believe none were younger than 2010. Wanted to get a GM, Mod or Admin to weigh in on my radio station RP as I was personally enjoying it and I'm hoping anyone who chanced upon the FREQ enjoyed it aswell. Enclosed is a screenshot of my DJ playlist


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  • Sapphire

When @Jamie said that it wasnt directed at you, it was directed at the people who were being somewhat trolly at the event. You are free to radio host music as much as you want, as long as the music came out before the infection.

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  • Legend

Sorry, that wasn't aimed at you. That was aimed at people at the event. The thing you're doing is brilliant, I had several pokes/messages for people to teleport them, I must have missed it. You're gucci. 

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Ohhh man, I'm sad that I didn't hear it IG. Somebody did mention hearing music on one of the frequencies, but I'm still looking for a new walkie-talkie. I admire you for having patience to collect car battiers. I didn't know they don't last long and hopefully you'll get some support from the game itself (things being fixed) or our upcoming mods (radio transmission range etc). I really hope you'll keep on going and get some support.

I had a project like yours but via forum IC radio thread - Radio Refuge (click). Had tooons of fun. The links to the posts are no longer working but if you copy+paste links to mp3 (player doesn't appear) you can still listen to them. I'm not sure how good was I, but people seemed to enjoy music+news. I usally listen to some youtube music in background but picking up a real station IG on a radio is a great thing.

I've always thought that people just living in the background (if you can call it that) are very important in the whole RP look of the server. Random civlians, survivors, a radio guy ?  so people that try to stay away from hot-spots still can get some news. Small things add a lot to immersion. Hope you'll succeed!

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