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The Tortugan State - Public Announcement


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*Falk can be seen in the old Falk Towers barn with a long range radio, Falk picks up the mouth piece and presses the PTT*


This is a public announcement, My name is Falk. Yesterday I contacted guard and guide to bring me up north to help some people who said they were stuck  in a mineshaft. As soon as we got there the mineshaft was open. According to these people they had been stuck since the start of the outbreak. They didn't know what has happened to the world. 




It was a trap.

I went into the mining building where we heard them making noises and I walk in, All of a sudden one those freaks stabs me into the eye. It has resulted with me losing my eye. 




This is warning. There are cannibals up north. At least 60. 




Anyone who wants to help track and kill these people, contact me at 47.7


*Falk lets go of the PTT*

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