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Book of Eric

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Finally found a blank composition book after idk how long.. I been alone for so long, Lost in the woods of "who the fuck knows" surrounded by nothin'. The Forged it to much and drove off the animals. I had no choice but to take my shit and leave and pray i finally leave and find a round. I finally did, thank god. I was in the woods north of a place called 'MCTA?" Or some garble like that. I dont know which direction a took or what blessin' i was granted in the hell hole but food, clothin', weapons, tools... I have the means, luckily the 'Prepper' mindset has kept me going for so long..I felt so alone, like i was a sole survivor or somethin', Hell i even took up talkin to myself... Just so it breaks up the groans and moans and the large spaces of silence in-between.

Maybe god will bless me with a surge of power and a usb type-c cord and i can charge up my MP3 player... Man i miss music, But i sing often. No one to complain, Zombies like it, Least i got Fans, but there so grabby i gotta put'em down. Luckily found a nice lil'home with a bed, some canned spaghetti and unfortunately a fizz-less can o'cola. Was almost hard to drink it. But the Rusky Chef boy R D Knock off was...So..DAMN...GOOD.

Next day, i humped through three small towns/Villages or whatever there fuckin' called here and lucked out, CANNED FISH AND PEACHES FOR DAYS!. Found a well-pump, gorged on that, All the houses still havent found a water container, Its gettin annoyin.


At the very last stop i rested just inside another small village, Tried to reach out on my walkie talkie, Heard some crazy shit, a Male voice - Spoke about tying people up or something, It was great and terrible all at once. The first human voice ive heard other than mine since shit went south. Yet there talkin bout some villianess shit. But as i was gonna say something over the radio a mute woman came outta no where, She rights on paper names Ashley? Or somethin'. then soon after two men, one level headed the other seemed abit... Off. But they where nice, i was stand offish and shocked, alil scared since the walkie talkie shit i heard could have been them but the two men had accents. But the Walkie Talkie guy had an American/Canadian voice. But Que sera, sera. As we spoke another male hobbled up with the mute, she had went to scavenge some, brought another, a Fellow American. A beat to hell Marine.


The two guys, nice guys, Shared steak and water with me. Spoke with me for a length of time. If they ever read this as the scavenge my dead body, SORRY I FORGOT YOUR NAME (tho the strange one maybe called Ahmad?), Hope you are well. HAH! Last saw them runnin' two the woods near that town we all met at to rest.

As we all chat i learned that 'Ashley" (whose name now that im thinkin about it might be Rilly or some shit), A BONEY thing haha, Shes a Nurse. Last i saw her was when we all slept in a town she cally 'Stary Sabor' The Marine slept somewhere aswell.


So, In this home on the second floor, in a town i dont know after almost God knows how long since the shit happened. Im away from home with no idea if my people are alive and well, or if the same shit happened here happened over there. If it did, i regret comin'...but i am a man of Positivity and optimism. Its time for shut Eye... 


I miss my family...

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I was the level headed ? thanks for the nice words, and it was fun to read

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Im an up beat kind of guy, Im optimistic, even in this shit show. I havent been around people since landin' here and when Governmental powers lost all controll and the walkers over powered the balance of what was, I took off with what i had and stashed myself deep in the woods North of a place called "Troitskoe" It was wear i was sent to help pass out food and water and the whole shabaz. I stayed in the area cause the woods where thick and there was a military outpost or base near by figured they'd get it together...Turned out a week turned to months turned to a year turned into a year and a half until Recently.

I survived of forged wild edibles (Thank god for google..Before i came here), Rabbit, Deer if i was lucky And an unfortunate pack of wolves - Which chased my ass up into a hunters tower. Gave Me the high ground and i let they ass have it with the bow i made out of A Russian Olive tree and the string from Fibers pulled and dried from tree bark. Anyway, Killed one wolf injured another three out of the four took off... I shoulda let one bite me in the ass, Might turned into the wolfman - wouldnt have to look over my shoulder all the time, HAHA! But i hacked up the wolf, Thanked it, Took the hide, It made a good bed sheet for my big ass to lay on. But im getting lost...

So, i emerged from the northern woods down south to a place known as "Stary-" something. Ran into the people i mentioned in the first page, Followed The Mute, A Marine and a Doc and Two Russians? to a, What looked to be a Summer camp or Lodge of some sort. Where the Doc, Named Brandon resided and other docs like him banded together and work under the mantles Free clinic or Free Medics or something along those lines. They are nice people - Assuming the others are as friendly as Doc B, But im only assuming. See the doc gave us some supplies, apparently the do that as well as help. But Doc is a Cardio specialist, I should ask if they have an Asthma doctor in there ranks... Lord know what will happen when my albuterol inhalor runs out...

So ive been hovering around the Doc's place. Now that ive been around people and speakin to em, i feel im a bit akward? Idk. I feel like there should be some caution to some peoples approaching of others, Specially with all the talk of bands of dick bags runnin around. Its weird that people dont have that heir of caution to em. Its weird, i hear myself as well. Im gonna fix that shit.

Ran in to Mutey (Riley) Again, I continue to call her Ashley, I dont like her for some reason(atleast for now), Might be her over use of three physical responses. Shrug, Smirkin, Finger twirl. Or the fact that shes Mute. No one got time to be readin speacially in tense situation. I bet she can talk, but she sounds like Olive Oil. That might be why i aint to keen on her, So i play the ass hat so the feeling is mutual. But she introduced me to some other ass hat that referred to me as 'Wolf Chow' Fuck that guy. Forgot his name already, but then again dont much really remem-- It was John i think. Fuck Jon-Jon the condescending P.O.S HA!

But here im is, Found a rusty crashed Chopper, got me some Meat, a fire. Found some new gear... Now all i need is some people that dont irritate me, A guitar, bongos, Cd player, Boombox, Some form of music to lul my ass asleep...


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Another day another Another page. Found myself up in a place called Зеленогорск Fuck if i know how to say it, but thats what the sign said as i left it with guess who non other that southern drawing captain obvious, The one that referred to me as Wolf Chow from the last entry. Dudes is not my cup of tea. And Mutey McScribble scrabble aka Ashley AKA Rileigh or Riley or how any other way it can be written. I have deduced The are only good in small Short Doses.

I hiked with them back to the 'Free Medics' camp, Where it was busy apparently there was a firefight i just missed by a short time. BUT i lucked out got an AK out of it. Deadbodys dont complain bout you taken there things after all ::Draws winking smiley face:: Then we headed north Captain Obvious expressed desire to go that way and asked if i wanted to follow, So i did. We met up with Caleb along the way, I may have referred to him as Marcus Or the Marine in previous entries. He was alright. Once we got up to where we needed, turned out to be a purtay big Mil-base named Тисы, again What the signs said. We looted, Captain Obvious, disappeared and we looked for him. Then Annoyed, I poofed on them. Needed water, Sleep and just had enough of them.

Now, Somewhere south of the that Mil-base i am relaxed and cooped up in well...A chicken coop... S'got no eggs BUT, its a shelter. Got canned Bacon and some soda..might be flat. But its good. Gonna clean my guns, attach the attachable to'em organize my pack and catch some shut eye. Live another day to sleep another night.

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