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Rabbit in a Snare


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  • Legend

*Paisley fell to the ground as she ran, her hands & knees both red and bloody. Her radio fell out of her bag, landing in front of her.
She frantically crawled forward and grabbed the radio, toggling the button to talk.
You would hear her light, quick gasping through the transmission.
She spoke loudly & quickly almost to the point of barely being comprehensive*

"Maverick!! Doctor Fisher! Mr. Dewski, Mack... Please answer. Oh god, please, answer. Please."

*You'd hear the radio briefly scrape against the ground as she picks it up.
She looked around as she desperately wiped the tears that soaked her soft cheeks.
In her panic, her footsteps could be heard as she sprinted to a house and slammed the door closed shut. Inside of the house, she closed herself inside of a closet and continued to audibly sob.
This was it. This was the end.*

"H-he found me.. I don't know how. I thought I was safe. I don't want to go. Please don't let him take me. I don't want to go.."

*Suddenly, her crying and rambling is interrupted by a scream.
In the background you can hear an older man yelling and spitting out a slew of vicious words. Combined with this, you can hear her sobbing and screaming.
The girl is grabbed by her hair and pulled out from the closet before being thrown over the man's shoulder.
As the girl drops the radio onto the floor, it continues to transmit.*

"Let go of me! I don't want to leave! I don't want to go with you! Please! Please let go of me! Please, somebody help me! No!"

*Her desperate screams & cries would grow fainter & fainter the further she got from the radio.
Suddenly, you'd hear a distant door slam shut.
The radio continued to transmit, the white noise & static growing louder until the batteries inside of the radio finally died.
Then, there was nothing.*

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  • Legend

*After walking away from the medics, Maverick fumbles through his bag, acquiring his radio out of his pocket. He talks with a very low tone voice.*

"You guys best have your best fucking security right now, because I'm going to slaughter every single one of those disgusting cunts."

*He wraps his mask around his face, cocking his AK.*

"You're gonna be the first, Fisher. You're gonna meet the end of my barrel soon my old friend.
Paisley, I'm coming for you. You're gonna be safe soon, kidda.

*Static endures*

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  • Event Master

*Fisher walks away and presses the PTT*

Maverick.. please dont.. I dont want you dead..

*He sighs*

Paisley.. I cant help you right now because maverick is trying to kill me for something I havent done..

Sorry dear..

*He walks back to the group of people*


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  • Sapphire

*tyler turns on the radio*

*he listens to the broadcast puts his hand over the microphone and says to the boys “ah fuck boys we got a problem”* 

*you hear a lot of people talking and shouting*

*transmition ends*

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  • MVP

*Dewski would hear the radio transmission and grab his radio*

Fuck, what the fuck happened to you now!

*He would grab his rifle and load a magazine*

Poughkeepsie, I'm coming to the safe house, we're gonna get you don't you worry! Hold on a bit longer!

*He would strap his vest and tighten his boots*

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  • Diamond

*John picks up his radio and hits the PTT*

"Ya know, you really made this difficult. You tried to say I did such awful things to the little lady, she was so nice."

"Granted, at most she got a couple scratches but nothing too worrisome."

"Now its all the more sadder now that your primary piece of propaganda, may or may not be a child of Falk."

"Good day to all those listening! And hopefully this cleared everything up!"

*John smiles, releasing the PTT*

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