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A message to the Kamenici (89.5)

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*Casey holds down the PTT button and begins to speak*

Hello out there, This Casey Rogers. I'm speaking on behalf of Doctor Dale, wishing to let the Kamenici that he would like to meet with and negotiate terms of a truce with your group. Doctor Dale believes that we have common interests and would like to see if our small groups could benefit from a short alliance to take on a common threat. If you are with Kamenici, you can reach Doctor Dale or me on the radio frequency 89.5. I hope that we can arrange for a peaceful meeting and hope to benefit from this truce. 

*Casey releases the PPT button, looking now out a broken window out into the trees* 

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Yuri grabs his radio and presses down the PTT.

”Whole group doctors?”

He releases the ptt. 

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