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Old Donator Perks

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If anyone here was around back when ArmA 2 DayZRP Mod was a big thing, you remember when donating was actually worth a lot more. For Example

You could spawn in with different selectable skins, such as Bandit, Hero, UK, Marine, ETC.

In the servers benefit, donator perks would be more profitable for players and the owners alike, being able to make more money since there are more perks, especially in game perks,

Since admins now have Dev tools,would it be worth it for the players benefit and the servers benefit to add things like this again?nothing overpowered of course, no extra items like protective helmets, vests, or holsters. But a choice to spawn in with clothing to replace JUST  the hoodie and jeans, and maybe a certain hat to add to RP aspect. And depending on your donator level, depends on the clothes you may choose from.                                                                                                                For Example

Donator: Choice to spawn in with cargo pants and quilted jacket or raincoat

Contributor: Everything above and, choice to spawn with police uniform or firefighter uniform

Sponsor: Everything above and, choice to spawn in with OREL Police camouflage uniform (Maybe boots)

Hall Of Famer: Everything above and, choice to spawn in with Tactical shirt and TTSKO pants (Maybe Childrens Backpack because advantage)

Tycoon: Everything above and, choice to (maybe because it is very water resistant) spawn in with Gorka uniform (Maybe Improvised backpack because advantage)

Tell me what you guys think, and how this could work, not work, or how this system could be improved!


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  • Sapphire

Nah. Nothing with benefits like that.

Clan skins 2k18 only.

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  • Sapphire

Approved group skins. 

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Hey friend, you may not of seen it but Rolle has already got a poll and discussion about this ^_^ 


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  • Emerald

The old days it was just in game skins you can have. Not OP, not P2W, just like that.

We shouldn't add P2W factors anyway, Everyone equal chances.
But group clothing, yeah, why not.

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I don't think people who pay should have an advandtage over other players. This is clearly pay to progress. Ofcourse this game is all about roleplay but gearing up doesn't take too long. I'm fine with cosmetical items and or clothing, as long as people don't have an advantage in slots.

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  • Emerald

I'll be putting this in the other thread as well, but paying for items you can find out in the wild is not economical or fair.

The only way an System like this would be appealing is if done as followed:

1. Cheap and affordable price (one time) - I say max $5, but personally that is pushing it already. 

2. Custom and Unique items - If possible the Developer could make an tutorial of how to texturally edit clothing items. Items should be reviewed to insure nothing offensive gets made.

3. Only applicable to Groups/Clans - It sounds harsh, but an perk like this should only be limited to Groups. To make it truly unique and to visually assist telling who is who.

4. Tycoons get it for Free - Tycoons are people that have invested in the community the most and should be rewarded for it. However other ranks wouldn't be left out. Your $5 will go towards your progress to the next level (Example: Donor purchase Premium. When wanting to upgrade to Contributor instead of paying $25 you'd pay $20).

5. No spawn advantage - Traveling is part of the RP experience. The moment you allow for unique spawning it will open the door for trouble (Example: Using your Custom Uniform and Spawn to endless rush an enemy position until they are defeated). Without proper monitoring this will be exploited. So I'm against any form of territorial gains.

I know a lot of people will think differently and find holes in my idea, but I feel this is the solution to an age old desire: #Clanskins2k18

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In no way should there be a way to pay to get better items,  the most you can get is a little more inventory space, which you cannot avoid concerning these items. Group clothing could be acceptable, but concerning the clothing itself, if its just a hoodie, yeah maybe 5$ or something but in the case of military style clothing, that would have to be taken into consideration.

This recommendation is to make it more enjoyable paying up to $100 USD for something other than forum perks.NO WAY should there be an advantage with weapons, or extra items, or specific clothing with buffs like water proof clothing. Starting with a TTSKO top over a hoodie wouldn't be much of an advantage really, besides a little more inventory space.

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