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Server time (UTC): 2021-09-16 22:22

S1: RDM in Stary Sobor - 7:00 PM CST - 10/10/18


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Server and location:  S1 Stary Sabor

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  7:00 PM CST

Your in game name:  Mikhail Volkov

Names of allies involved:  Kazimir 

Name of suspect/s:  unkown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  n/a

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): n/a

Detailed description of the events: Walked into Stary and shot an infected down the road and saw someone run to the church, continued to walk into town with my weapon down and was shot in the face.


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  • Sapphire

Kazimir Dvorak POV:

Walking into town in Mikhail and I see a guy in town. We slowly walk into town but I go into the bush to message someone, Raven kills an Infected and then I hear through TS that someone pulled out a gun aimed at him and shot him. I come back and try to line up a shot on the person who RDM'd him fearing that I might too get RDM'd and then I hit a car, then I try to talk this out because they start speaking to me and apparently they think he shot at them even though there was an infected that dropped in front of the church and the grocery store. I then ditch as they obviously didn't mean to kill Raven on purpose and was obviously outnumbered (and outgunned) and they shoot me in the back.

I have a video but unfortunately it's only 3 minutes long as my OBS was modified for recording plays in another game.



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Connection Logs

23:35:57 | Player "Mikhail Volkov" is connected
00:06:17 | Player "Mikhail Volkov" has been disconnected

23:37:22 | Player "Kazimir Dvorak" is connected
00:07:39 | Player "Kazimir Dvorak" has been disconnected

23:34:51 | Player "Bobby Kalo" is connected
00:53:43 | Player "Bobby Kalo" has been disconnected

23:04:27 | Player "Hondo Hunt" is connected
- server restart, no CL -


Kill Logs

00:02:26 | Player "Mikhail Volkov" has been killed by player "Bobby Kalo"
00:04:06 | Player "Kazimir Dvorak"has been killed by player "Hondo Hunt"


Chat Logs

23:16:08 | Chat("Hondo Hunt"): *Pats his arm*
00:10:31 | Chat("Bobby Kalo"): //BRB


Calling in @MrPanda & @Anoymouse for their full & detailed PoVs as well as any video evidence they may have. Please also list your allies in this situation.

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  • Sapphire


Anyway so me and my friend were RPing in front of the church just minding our own business when we hear a shot go off in the distance and a bullet whizzes right between us. I didn’t notice any zombie’s close to us so i don’t really understand why it was so close...

We had just had a interaction with a dude not too long before this were we basically threatened to eat him so I honestly thought it was him thinking he had kill right’s. We scramble for cover and whip out our gun’s when another bullet hits the bus stop my friend just ran behind so at this point he peak’s out and the guy was still pointing the weapon our direction and drop’s him were he stand’s. I run around the back way while he runs up the street and starts taking shots from a bush. At this point the enemy and I both start screaming shit at eachother then even though he shot at my friend he tries to just put his gun away and leave. Long story short i got a position and put him on blast.


    I just have a couple questions to follow up…


  • If the zombie’s where so close to us why didn’t they Agro on us?


  • Where are the zombie’s body’s in the video? Cause what i thought were zombie body’s are grass in the street.


  • If you weren’t looking at us with the scope how did you know what we were wearing and what weapon’s we were carrying?


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K some follow up here because, wow. First, the Zombie was about half way in between us about at the green house on the right. As you probably know after pillaging my corpse I had an AKM with no scope on it, nor a buttstock. So i took a shot at the zombie waiting for Finn to come back, as you also would have seen on my body, i had a lot of ammo and i like to shoot every zombie i see per my background. Now if you look at the video, the bus stop is far to the left in front of the church and the Zombie was almost in line with the street. I shot 3 times because i missed with the iron sites then due to no buttstock had trouble with the recoil. These were all shot within about 1 sec, so to say you both made it from the burnt car on the right side of the street and to the bus stop before the 2nd shot was heard is a blatant lie. Also i knew what you were wearing because I ran past the man in red about 30 min prior when i entered the game. And for the other man I have a large monitor and a simple press of the middle mouse button provides a nice zoom, All i could see was dark clothing and what looked like a AKM, as you were pointing at me prior to this engagement.

And another thing, the kicker. After the zombie lie dead on the ground, i drop my akm to the low ready and begin RP walking into town because I obviously scared someone as I saw you 2 run. Now I made it about i'd say 5 steps before I was shot. So it begs a few questions.

1. Did I have my weapon up pointed at you when you killed me or are you lying.

2. I died instantly so I'm going to assume I was shot in the face, we were about 200 meters away down the road so I would assume you had a scope on that rifle and lined the shot up, Which would mean you could clearly see me RP walking down the road at the low ready.

3. You said that you had threatened a man before this and you thought he thought he might have kill rights on you. Now when Finn went into the bush for like 30 secs I went behind him and it may have looked suspicious I left the bush because I had this exact thought, the man in dark clothing was now in the street pointing his gun at me observing me and from what I could see which yes was far away and blurry, had a scope on it. I had a very distinctive outfit about me, including a balaclava which if you'll know, isn't in the game but was in some crates during an event so, very rare.  

Now I ask you...what kind of person who is engaging another armed person, drops his weapon to a non threatening stance and begins to walk down the middle of the street?

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  • Sapphire
1 hour ago, MrPanda said:



*Sorry I'm typing from my phone*


1: not sure, but I saw the infected before your buddy killed my friend. You ran right past where it was standing before.

2: I assume by the grocery store because you can see that's where your friend came out of even though there was an infected there.

3: I saw your friend from down the street, he was the one I saw before my friend died. After he died I fired upon him because he was the only one that I assumed was in the area.

4: I did so in confirmation as I assumed it was someone who was mass RDMing, I did so to protect myself from being RDMed and the question was asked only after I shot at him only in confirmation. You guys spoke to me so I knew you weren't mass RDMing which is why I stopped asking questions atfterwards. I already fired at him which serves no advantage whatsoever. As for outgunned, I suck at pvp on dayz and only use a Mosin for roleplay reasons which makes it even worse since its bolt action. On top of that, I'm confident that most people have M4s and AKs so I dont do PVP with that character unless I'm threatened, that's why i shot at a potential Mass RDMer. Long story short, I suck at PVP, I have a bolt action and its 2?v1.

Hope this helps clear things up ?


To clear up the accused Meta game, I had already fired upon the shooter, saw his clothing and his weapon so the question that was asked was only in clarification and held no advantage as I stopped all of my hostilities at that point since I understood it was an honest mistake.


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Ok so As me and Hondo were sitting outside the church, I notice a person up the road. I try and be nice and wave to him, as a bullet wizzes past my head. I go behind the bus stop and hear one hit the bus stop, so I figure he was shooting at me. I peak around the corner and killed the man, and as I was running up his other friend shoots me in the leg. A bit of arguing goes on, as the other man tries to leave and Hondo kills him. Honestly I would've been down to talk it out over ts, but whatever.

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57 minutes ago, Raven06 said:

I find it funny you said you got shot in the leg even know the video clearly shows him hitting the car, AND you can hear it at 1:26.

Explain why I screamed and my screen goes blood red?

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So I got a pm from someone who made a good point, he said and is pretty sure in .63 your screen does not turn red when shot, only back in .62. I'm not 100% on this but I to since playing .63 have not seen red when shot.

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1 minute ago, Raven06 said:

So I got a pm from someone who made a good point, he said and is pretty sure in .63 your screen does not turn red when shot, only back in .62. I'm not 100% on this but I to since playing .63 have not seen red when shot.

I never saw red when I was shot in the video ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


but maybe it's different cases? when I was shot in the church in the arm by sleepyhead I never saw red.




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Additional Logs:

Mikhail Volkov

[2018/10/11 0:2:26]: (Mikhail Volkov) hit by (Bobby Kalo) to Torso with Bullet_556x45
[2018/10/11 0:2:26]: (Mikhail Volkov) hit by (Bobby Kalo) to Torso with Bullet_556x45
[2018/10/11 0:2:26]: (Mikhail Volkov) killed by (Bobby Kalo)

Kazimir Dvorak

[2018/10/11 0:4:6]: (Kazimir Dvorak) hit by (Hondo Hunt) to Torso with Bullet_556x45
[2018/10/11 0:4:6]: (Kazimir Dvorak) hit by (Hondo Hunt) to Torso with Bullet_556x45
[2018/10/11 0:4:6]: (Kazimir Dvorak) killed by (Hondo Hunt)

Here's some additional logs. There were no hit logs on @Anoymouse.

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  • Sapphire

It went through the car making it a  ricochet which means It doesn’t show up in the logs if I’m not mistaken@Jamie


....And I feel like we are kinda getting distracted I mean the reason it all started is someone shooting recklessly at people made us think we were getting KOSEd and killed him in response....Why does the color we saw really matter?

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  • MVP


@MrPanda [Ruleplay]: Guilty.

@Anoymouse [Invalid Kill - KOS]: Inconclusive.


First of all, we would like to apologise for the delay on this verdict, due to unforeseen circumstances. A team of staff members have reviewed this report in detail, coming to the following conclusion:

Simply put, there is not enough solid evidence to suggest to us that @Raven06 fired on the accused with intent to kill, or if he was just killing a zombie. Therefore we cannot properly judge whether or not the accused are guilty of RDM, if there was evidence outside of conflicting POVs, preferably that of the zombie that was supposedly shot at or from the accused side we could perhaps come to a full conclusion. That being said, It must be made clear that in any situation where another party shot at a zombie near you/shot near you with no intent to kill, it is a much smarter move to try and clear up the potential misunderstanding or at least make sure they are definitely trying to kill you before you shoot back, so situations like this do not happen, because if there was sufficient evidence to suggest they were not shooting at the accused this would most likely be concluded as an invalid kill.

On the other hand, staff has decided that @MrPanda's kill on @Finn was an act of rule-play, as Finn verbally explains he is leaving the situation before putting his gun on his back and running away, it is not before he makes a considerable amount of distance that he is shot from behind. It has been deemed that Finn's intentions to leave were truthful and therefore you had no right to kill him simply because you had the rights to, whilst we appreciate that in such a situation it is not always wise to believe what another may say but there is no evidence to suggest that Finn had hostile intentions after leaving. We would suggest that you instead give people a chance to flee the situation and remain at an advantage to kill them if they attempt to change position or get the jump on you as to avoid an outcome such as this.

As well as this, we would like to make it aware that there was meta-gaming between @Finn and @Raven06 after he died. Although we will not be punishing it due to its mild effect on the situation as a whole, coupled with the fact that they admitted the mistake, make it known that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable and you must not fall into the habit of doing it, private channels make no excuse for this.

We again apologise for being unable to find a suitable conclusion.


@MrPanda [Ruleplay]: Punishment (5 Ban Days & 10 Points).

@Anoymouse [Invalid Kill - KOS]: No Punishment.

Signed by @Sleepyhead and @Jamie

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