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Hey, anybody out there?

Mr. Blue

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*Asher sits against a wall in a building, taking off his mud caked boots to rest his feet a while. He takes off his backpack, and rummages through it, finding his radio. He puts it to the side as he withdraws a burlap sack, and to his dismay, discovers the bag to be empty. On that note, Asher takes his radio, and presses down on the PTT, speaking in a southern and raspy voice, creating a persona completely different from his own.*

"Hey, anybody out there right now?

I'm just lookin' for a place filled with decent people.

Anybody know if somethin' like that even exists right now?"

*Asher releases the PTT, and as the silence proceeds after the transmission, he gradually forms a twisted, sadistic grin as he delves into thought.*

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*Chell would awaken from her snoring slumber, a little too excited at her walkie buzzing with life. She listened with big gleaming eyes before pushing the button.*

Hello? Helloo..? Hey mister? Are you there? Yesterday I met some people.. In.. In Novy Sobor! And it was raining and they took me to a house and gave me food and shelter and water and-

*She would take a deep breath after spewing out endless words*

And there were some doctors and a fisher! And they punished a bad cowboy guy who killed a man and then there was this REALLY nice guy called Leroy! And he had a fun, sticky out accent that made him nice. I don't remember where they took me, but it's this nice brick house with a well and everything! Not too far away from where they found me. But I gots to sleep. So I hope you find Leroy! If you do, tell him Chell says hi! That's "Shell" but with a C!

*Exhausted from blabbering, she drops the walkie and lays back with a sigh.*

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29 minutes ago, Chewy said:


*Asher grins as he realizes he hit the jackpot. He presses down the PTT, speaking in the same raspy southern voice as before.*

"Oh wow, that's great to hear!

I'll have to pay y'all a visit sometime, just gettin' harder and harder to survive by myself.

Stay safe Chell, see ya real soon."

*Asher pauses, then adds in the same voice.*

"My name's Mitchell by the way, but most a' everyone jus' calls me Mitch."

*Asher releases the PTT, putting back on his shoes, and making a trek towards "Novy Sobor"*

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Remembering the incident a couple of days ago when a radio distress call from Novy Sobor was actually a trap in which the "starry guy" walked right into by pure chance, Artemis picks up the radio.

To mister Mitch, this is Artemis. Please keep your guard up in Novy. Although I also met a couple of friendly people, a couple of days ago, I would recommend keeping your weapon close.

There are bandits roaming around that town. Scout it out and if you see black armbands - run.


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*Falk picks up the radio and presses the PTT*


My name is Falk. If your are looking for a somewhere to call home.. Get in contact with me 47.7


*Falk lets go of the PTT*

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