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The Journal of Vasili Ivanovich Koslov

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*The following text is translated to English from it's original Chernarussian*

Entry 1

Today I found this book. It was empty so I thought it would be fun to A few weeks ago I met a man around Stary Sobor. His name was Marcus. He said he was Irish and that he was a doctor. He talks funny and it's hard to understand him sometimes. We split up at one time and I went into Vybor. I went into an office and I met some people. There was Jamie and May and Pazho. May and Pazho almost shot me but it was fine. Then we hiked together back to Stary Sobor and got chased out of by some foreigners because we got paranoid. May says he was a was here to film about the farmers. *A large ink spot appears on the paper, as though the author paused on the paper* Why would anyone want to hear about the fucking farmers? Pazho is I don't really know exactly who or what Pazho is. I do know he is very paranoid. I think he was a solider. Jamie says he was just a tourist and he acts like it. He is nice, though. We ran away from the foreigners in Stary Sobor and lost them in the forest. None of them knew how to track and stayed in a big group. That made it easy to We made a hard right and they didn't know *Another ink spot would indicate the author paused again*

We decided to hide in Zub castle for a while. We ate chicken I think and I sang for the three of them. It was nice to get to pretend things were okay almost. We met with Marcus again and hiked back to Vybor for no reason. By that time it was dark and we were all tired. We met a group there who say they were looking for batteries. They say they want to fix the Altyn Radio Tower. One of them called me a  We wished them luck and then boarded up an old house to sleep in.

Entry 2

The next morning May and Pazho and Jamie left before me and Marcus. I was too tired to care about where they were going. When I finally got up Marcus and I went down towards Zelenogorsk to find some supplies. While we were searching through the train yard we found a a man yelled at us from the Command Building there saying that he was not infected. He came down and told us his name was Valentine but just call him Val. He told us he didn't know to trust us or not but he did. We hiked down the Railroad track towards Pavlovo. There is a big military compound there I knew from before the infection. While I was there I found old OREL Police Uniform. I was never in OREL but I don't think anyone from OREL is alive to mind. I got rid of my old clothing scraps and put on the Police Uniform. When I went to meet Marcus and Val at the front gate I got cornered into a guard house by a pack of wolves. 

I made it out and then Val took a picture of me with an old camera. Maybe when I die or something at least someone will remember me. Later that day we got all the way to the Green Sea. We swam around for a few minutes. It was nice and the water was cool and I wasn't scared out of my mind like usual. After that Marcus parted ways with us and we went to Chernogorsk. Not much interesting happened there but we did meet some people. It was all so much more quiet than I remember. I didn't visit the apartment. Who knows if it was even still standing. It wouldn't matter even if it was.

I like this uniform. Some people give me strange looks, like I am just wearing weird clothes. But I don't mind. It reminds me of a better me. A me with hope.

I like that.

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interesting read, Ill be looking forward to more

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Entry 3

I decided to leave South Zagoria again. I heard a radio transmission around Chernogorsk that said there was a group of survivors near Miroslavl that needed able-bodied volunteers. Their camp was a few kilometers from the city in an old Soviet apartment complex. They used the ruins of some of the other buildings in the area to build a sort of wall around them. If you could call it that it's just a bunch of rubble stacked up with barbed wire on top maybe. There aren't a lot of infected around Miroslavl. They all went after the CDF remnants making noise and shit with their helicopters and their jets and their guns. People in the camp keep saying that the CDF outside South Zagoria is held out in the north of the country. People keep talking about Belozersk. I don't know if that is where the soldiers are or infected or radiation or *an ink spot ends the thought on the page*


There are a lot of children in the camp. None of them are old enough to be born into this. Some of them are still have their parents and others don't. The ones without their parents keep close to one particular armed guard. He almost orders them around like they were soldiers or something. Part of me wanted to put him on his ass but I didn't. They'd probably kick me out or some shit. Besides it wouldn't change anything. The children with parents were a lot more happy like children. When they saw me they ask their parents "Who is that man? Why is he wearing those clothes? Is he a soldier?" and their parents explain I'm dressed this way because I'm a I was a Police Officer. The kids say "He is police? Then he is here to protect us!" I can't protect anyone. Not anymore. *another ink spot indicates a pause* Not even before. All the people that died because I was following orders. *There is a final ink spot before the writing gets more and more shaky* the orders the shooting the explosions the bureaucracy the orders the death the screams the orders the *by this time the writing devolves into pen-scratches*

I'm beginning to re-think this uniform.

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Entry 4

I am writing this from one of the survivor's trucks. They say they will give me a ride in the morning. They let us sleep in the old apartments, but most are all destroyed and burned and smell like shit and mold so I'm going to sleep in the truck. I don't trust the survivors not to just leave me behind anyway. I don't want to hike back 40 kilometers. These people keep talking about there are strange men in the area around the camp. Probably bandits. During the night this place is easy to see from half of Chernarus. I am glad I get to leave soon. The people in the camp are getting scared. Fights are breaking out and some left in the night. A few days ago the man who ordered around the children started beating one of them. I grabbed him and threw him away from the children and I beat him. The other guards just watched. People didn't like him. Now he doesn't watch the children. Now it's some farmer woman or something.

People were nicer to me after that. All the children were happy when that guard got beaten. They all liked me more. They liked asking me questions about me being a police officer. They asked me to tell them stories about the police and what I did before the infection and shit. Some of them say they want to be police when they get "big and strong" like me. I gave the child who was hit by the guard my old CDF beret. It wasn't mine in the first place. I lost my beret long ago when this started. This beret was one of the military's, not police like we were given but that did not matter. He cried and gave me a hug. I can't really remember the last *there is an ink spot here*

Tomorrow morning the children will probably be asking for me. I don't think I can face seeing *there is another ink spot here* They would probably *there is a final ink spot left by the author* I can't do that to them. I can't make them say goodbye to something else. After all this shit has happened to them. How could I do that?

In the morning the truck is going to take me and some others back to South Zagoria. They'll be fine here. They've been fine this long.

*At the bottom of the entry the words "I gave them hope" are written in, but scratched out more violently with pen than other writing mistakes have been throughout the journal. The words are still, however, semi-legible*

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