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It gone again.


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Here I am again, same problems as last month which I explained in this thread, also again unable to renew my "Tycoon subscription"

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@Roland <----The only guy that can help with stuff like that seeing he's the boss

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Just as Samti said this is one for Roland himself

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Alright I've fixed it @Roland by purchasing a new "Tycoon Subscription", seeing how the last one kept failing to renew itself automatically. Hopefully this one will actually work and automatically renew itself and I shouldn't have any further issues with it.

I'll cancel this subscription after the 6th payment 'cause I've already paid the subscription 4 times and will have paid the full 100,- after the 6th one. (4+6)x10=100.

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CH Cow

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Please open Support Tickets for purchase related issues in the futuuuurreeee~ Roland has to handle them and it's better to have a Support Ticket than opening a thread. ? 'Cause we got all yours deets right there ya know? ?All the deets. Many deets. Deets and doots.

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