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  • Server Manager

Now that we have our own server and even a mod for it where we can customize and spawn items, it's time to start thinking about if we want to allow for paid in game features as well.

For the last 4 years DayZRP has made money through ads and by selling colorful names and large avatars on our website. For those who weren't here before that, DayZRP didn't have that many website perks and instead had a store with in game clothing items called "Premium Exchange", where you could buy clothing for your character in game for 5€ for one "skin" or full clothing set. Once purchased you had access to that clothing "for life" and could put the clothing on your character at any time and as many times as you wanted. There was also a free set of some more plain looking skins that anyone could use without purchasing if they didn't like the skin they had on them right now.

Bohemias DayZ monetization policy allows for selling in game items that do not give paid players advantage over non-paying players. What that exactly means is very much unclear, since up until now nobody could spawn any items. Is purchasing ability to spawn a common item like a raincoat, which can be easily found in any major city an advantage against other players? I guess we will have to trial and error and work together with Bohemia on clarifying what they are or aren't OK with.

In any case we do not want Pay 2 Win. If we're ever gonna allow for spawning of items it's not going to be weapons, vehicles, food, water, construction materials for bases or any of that kind of stuff. We want any extra Premium feature to be negligible in terms of combat effectiveness and competitiveness with other players. That means that the perks need to be either cosmetic, items of similar nature need to be available to non-paying players as well and any functional perks should be used only outside of PvP.

So there are these ideas that people have sent me and asked whether or not that "Premium Exchange" will be making a comeback in Standalone or not. I was hoping that it will, since we had a lot of great custom items in game that enhanced peoples role play and gave them a unique look and feeling.

Please read the thread first and then vote. Otherwise you won't know what you're voting on.


Question 1.
Do you want paid features aka Premium perks to be usable in game?

This one is pretty simple. Should we allow for paid features to affect in game or just keep paid stuff entirely on the website and leave the game alone? I know that there's a lot of people, especially after recent controversies with loot boxes and "progress boosts" in online games who consider any kind of paid feature related to the game as Pay2Win.


Question 2.
What, if any Premium perks would you like to see in game? (multiple choice allowed)

These are the few ideas that I have been given so far which I think would be the most popular.

  • Selectable custom respawn locations - those with this perk would be able to select their next spawn location on the website. This setting would have a cooldown, similar to how you switch your active characters to prevent abuse. The location would include 10 custom locations only available to those with Premium, located in all sectors of the map: N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, NE, center. This shouldn't give any kind of advantage against other players, but makes it much easier to meet with friends of groups after dying, so that you don't have to play the running simulator for 30 minutes before getting to interact with another player again.
  • Standard clothing items - on-demand spawning of low end civilian clothing like shirts, jackets, hats, pants. Standard and common stuff that you can find in game in civilian spawns. No military gear or armor. Selectable colors for those items that support it. Just like with spawn selection, a cooldown on spawning of each item, so that you can only spawn one every X hours, so that you cannot flood the server with them or spawn items for friends.
  • Group clothing items - #clanskins2k18. Provide us with a custom texture for a jacket or coat with your color and logo on the back and we will add it to the game and make it available to be spawned for all members in your group. It's a really cool idea, but the question is, what kind of cost would be involved since many people would be able to use it and also what about longevity of groups. It's not worth it to add a custom item to the mod and force all users to update just for the group to disband a month later. Suggestions?


Question 3.
What kind of payment method would you prefer for Premium perks?

  • One time payments - so basically the system that we've used years ago - pay once for one item, get access to it forever, with multiple color variations if available. Problem with this is that before it was 5€ for a full clothing set, as there were no individual clothing items. Now the prices would have to be like a fraction of that per item to complete a full clothing set and that's too little for PayPal transactions. If we went with this system one would have to pay through use of account credit - charge your account credit with larger sum (minimum 5€) and then spend it on items. But then you may be left with 1€ left over that you cannot spend, so you have to charge account credit with more and minimum is again 5€. It kind of feels like that trick that free to play MMO companies use where a premium pack is 120 points, but you can only buy points in 100 point packs, so you have to buy two and leave 80 unused.
  • Subscription - world seems to be going in this direction, Spotify, Netflix, Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus. You pay a small monthly fee and get access to a bunch of items in the tier that you choose. Higher, more expensive tier would give access to more exclusive and better looking items. Positive thing with this is that subscription is easy to set up and automatic, it's a small payment up front, you pay only as long as you use the items, you get access to a lot of different items, so in case you want to change up your character look you can without having to separately purchase more. The downside is that you need to have PayPal account with credit card for it and you never own the items - you lease them under subscription period and then lose access to them once subscription is cancelled.


Question 4.
What do you think about a system where you can earn temporary access to Premium items by playing?

This was given to me as a suggestion from a player. We want to promote people to actually get in game and play and fill up the server. More people playing on the server = more RP = even more people joining. The idea is basically a special item, let's call it supply box. It will be added to the server as an item spawning in helicopter crashes and similar random events all over the map. If you find this item, you can use it in game. When you do, a box will be added to your inventory here on the website. You then head over to the website and open the "loot box" and will give you access to a random item for 30 days. Cool idea, right?

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  • MVP



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This thread'll be fun to watch.

Personally I think any in-game benefits for cash will inspire some salt but it is still worth exploring. I don't like the idea of being able to pay for spawns, even if there is a cooldown people could use the system to get closer to their group and have one more gun in a firefight vs a rival group that doesn't have that ability and their guys are spread thin.

Having people being able to spawn with whatever civilian item they want for real life money I'm also not too big of a fan of, it goes against the idea of interacting with players for the items you want I see trades going down all the time for pieces of clothing (remember how valued and rare black beanies or aviators were back in the day?)

I like the idea of having group clothing but I don't think it should be limited to people who have the $$$ to pay for it. That just seems kind of unfair. Would be easier to ID your group members against the enemy, would give your group more in-game clout by having your own special clothing, etc.

Okay now that I think of it I think as big of a separation between real life money and in-game benefits is necessary to keep a level playing field.

Question 4 is interesting. I like the idea of being able to play for forum benefits but I don't like the idea of being able to play for cool shit or advantages in-game. Again, level playing field. Sure getting people in game is awesome but some people simply don't have as much time to dedicate to what is essentially grinding on the server for items.

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  • Legend

Personally, I'm against what would essentially be mirotransactions for DayZ in-game features in any way shape or form.  I think part of the survival aspect of the game is finding clothing items for yourself and finding your way out of the spawn selected for you.

That being said, I'm not naive to the fact that server upkeep and running a community costs money, and if there were to be a microtransaction system, I'm glad it's a cosmetic one and not advantageous in any way other than shaving some time off of the early-life loot cycle.  My biggest issue, though, comes with how uneven this could make the playing field in terms of whoever has the most money can and would get some form of advantage, even if not a major one or a combat one, over players that don't have money to throw at the game.

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  • Sapphire

I just think usable kits would be cool, maybe make a bunch of kits, then depending on the rank they have they could pick out what kits the would like? idk

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If it's not giving you an advantage over other players then I really don't have any problems with this proposed system. Spawns that make it easier to get to your favorite RP spots seem fine. Spawning in Clothes should be pretty limited and maybe should be kept to just cosmetic items like hats, boots, gloves, and eye wear. If you're spawning in any jackets or pants, they shouldn't have more storage than the default jeans and hoodie. As for group items, sounds like a big hassle just so some players can wear a group jacket or something, maybe a group should only get an in game item if they win group of the year. That way we know the group is dedicated to the server, and is known by people both in and out of character. I'd rather do a one time pay system over a subscription but that's just me. 

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  • Diamond

-snip snip-

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  • Sapphire

I hate the idea having to pay for clanskins ?

Clanskins should be for free if you can have logo on them aswell like in MOD...

36 minutes ago, Roland said:

It's not worth it to add a custom item to the mod and force all users to update just for the group to disband a month later. Suggestions? 

How big would be the update? Also if not big do the update ever Wednesday when there is Maintenance anyway?


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To add
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  • Server Manager
19 minutes ago, Cipher said:

@Roland I tried to vote no and it wouldn't let me because I have to answer the rest of the questions.

I fixed

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If people can just get clothing, guns and ammunition or instant spawn to certain locations they choose, it would deny many RP opportunities in my opinion. People who take advantage of such perks won't need to walk all the way to those locations and will deny other people RP on their way. Also the difficulty of finding certain items means they can attempt to rob people or circle a few places in hopes of finding them eventually. With paying for those items, they will not need to walk the distance and won't need to steal or trade resulting in less hostile or trading RP. That would hurt the RP overall, but at the same time it helps other players with the game mechanics. By that, I mean less loot will be taken since the premium players will have them (if they have that option of course) and more loot remains for non-premium players.

I still choose RP over the loot system though and I agree to some degree that the site will improve if the funding of it improves as well, so I have mixed feelings for this idea.

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So, I am generally against any kind of in game premium. There's a lot of things here than shouldn't be put behind a paywall essentially.

Spawns I think should be more spread out in unpredictable patterns away from military locations, as I have stated before. Group clothing items should be an incentive to create a group I feel but added requirements (like establishing a set goal for example).

And when it comes to Q4, I feel the Airdrops should be a random event set by a mod or staff member. I did recall seeing a mod showcase of a plane dropping off a crate. Such things should contain tins of food, bottles of water, something for groups to go after and what not. Even though I like my idea I can somewhat agree with what you have proposed for Q4 Roland but obviously under a different name. 

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4 minutes ago, Lad said:

And when it comes to Q4, I feel the Airdrops should be a random event set by a mod or staff member.

I have an idea for an airdrop. People can pay to have the option for an airdrop, however there will be either some big signal or a message globally by a staff member that one would happen and where it is spotted. That would enable other groups to try and secure it over the premium user/group calling it, which would spark a great hostile RP opportunity. 

And if clothing or locations do appear in-game as premium features, they should definitely have a cooldown, perhaps 2-3 hours or something like that.

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Personally think group and player "skins" or clothing sets is a good idea like we used to have in the mod, however I don't like the idea of custom player spawns, obviously there could be limitations to certain areas, but I think this could be crossing the line into paying for ingame advantages over other players.

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  • Support

"Selectable respawn locations" 
This screams "Hell no" for NLR..

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  • Sapphire

Selectable spawns-big NO because of firefight issues and NLR

paying for civilian clothes-yes (you can gather these items for free by playing the game, but if you want to pay and not have to take the time to look for items then so be it)

paying for group outfits- yes, but it should be up to the group owner to pay for custom group items added to the game

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  • Sapphire

Didn’t realise I was playing a battlefield game 

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When it comes to donating to get your clothing items in game i have no problem with that TBH (even if some of its military like a pistol holster, Balaclava, or helmet. The only thing it does is cut down the grind time people have to spend to get these simple items.). Most of us from the older days are going to College/ Uni or a job and can't grind 24/7 to get a group uniform. I mean trying to hunt down one particular type of rain jacket just to get an armband ain't my cup of tea. I would defo donate 50 GBP to not have to deal with it.

Also the ability for someone to get these perks through playing or winning one of the yearly/ monthly awards is a pretty good idea. It can push people to want to play more i would say.

Just my two cents on it.

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  • Sapphire

If this is a trail for it. To see how it goes I would support owo but yeah I did my vote.

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  • Diamond

Making the already paid for a rank with something that gives you at least something for your contribution is great.
Though the group thing is meh allow approved groups to get outfits simple as that.

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  • Sapphire
Just now, Eagle said:

Making the already paid for a rank something that gives you at least something for your contribution is great.
Though the group thing is meh allow approved groups to get outfits simple as that.

^pretty much this. 

Grant every approved group one cosmetic item they would spawn with, that would be fair in my opinion. CDF groups get a CDF beret, guerilla groups a balaclava, psycho groups a clown mask etc etc.

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