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The Riffs [Strict Recruitment]

Guest Beni

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Chapter I - Formation


Part I - Origins

Prison; filled with all sorts of characters, from rapists to murderers. However, in every single scenario, there’s always a silver lining. Everyone thinks that every single prisoner is a bad person, that is where they’re wrong.

The Riffs were formed by people who knew they were a different type of prisoner. The Riffs knew that they weren't like the others in here. Sure, some of them murdered and dealt drugs, but their reasons were different. We never did anything we didn’t think was justified. We had found something in common, we were innocent, or at least we felt like we were. Let me ask you something, if someone killed your mother in cold blood, would you not want to kill them? Exactly.

The first people to meet inside the wells were Carlo Viviani and Matej Nemec. Carlo was in Prison for First Degree Murder and Matej was in for being an accomplice to murder. However, both were justified reasons. Carlo was housed in the same cell block as Matej, allowing them to socialise and get to know each other a lot better than they could if they were housed in different cell blocks.

Carlo and Matej then met Viktor Hanek, who was also in prison for murder in the first degree… twice. After Viktor explained the story to Carlo and Matej, they began to socialise more. Luckily, Viktor was also in the exact same cell block as Carlo and Matej. The trio didn’t meet anyone for a while after that, they got along just fine and didn’t need anyone else, all three had combat experience and could fight toe to toe.

Around six months had passed. Not a lot of new arrivals had come into the cell block, until eventually, a fresh face appeared at the doors, his name was William Mackinnon. Willy was inside for murder, just like Carlo and Viktor. Although, Willy was a Scot and stuck out like a sore thumb, the trio took him in and he became the fourth in the group.

Not even two weeks later another load of freshies entered the prison. Among then was Ales Martinek. Ales was younger than the rest and had a hard time in his first weeks. Ales was found guilty of manslaughter while defending himself.  That’s when he talked to a few men who had similar stories. The men took him in and Ales was the fifth member of the group.

A few more months went past and Mirek Bruzek arrived to the prison, a former Chernarussian Defence soldier who was put behind bars for killing a fellow soldier in a heated argument that got out of control. Because of his behaviour, the group took notice of Mirek and eventually he would end up joining them as the sixth member of the group.

Now, no one knows why but the six began to start calling themselves “The Riffs“. No one knows where it came from but it just stuck with them, that was that.  A few weeks before the infection hit there was another intake of prisoners, mostly petty thieves but amongst them was a man by the name of Nikolai Kral. Nikolai was the son of one of Chernarus’ largest mob bosses, and had ended up in prison after taking the fall for the mob. At first others left Nikolai alone in the prison, but once people started to fight with Nikolai the six became interested. Nikolai was easy to get along with and joined the Riffs as the seventh member.


Part II - Despair 

Once the infection hit Chernarus, the prisoners were kept quiet, to minimise the chances of a riot ensuing, although they could tell something was up. Food portions were starting to get more scarce and communication to the outside world was kept to a minimal. This wasn’t normal, even in prison.

The Riffs began to see sickness spread throughout the prison, but due to The Riffs keeping themselves to themselves, they never contracted any illnesses. The illnesses didn’t seem too serious however, people developed things like coughs and fevers, but this was just treated as a normal thing and quite mild. It was a prison and the conditions weren't great, people were bound to get sick… we were wrong…

Very fucking wrong.

As more time passed, the illnesses began to get more and more aggressive. The guards finally decided to step in and attempted to get some medical supplies in from across the sea but they heard nothing back. Communication was shortly lost afterwards, no one dared leave the island in fear of what they might find out.


Recently, a lot of gunshots were heard from the coastal area, although this was normal most of the time, people would practice shooting in their backyards, but shots from rifles like the M4 were heard going off at a rapid rate, which is rarely heard, as it’s a military grade rifle. Something was up…

Due to no supplies being transported to the island, supplies had to be rationed out from the already scarce food. Things got bad, really bad. It wasn’t even the food that was the issue, it was the medical supplies. The infection has spread to 85% of the people on the island. Medical supplies were like gold dust now. The Riffs knew they had to do something… fast.

They knew what they had to do:

Get the fuck outta there.


Part III - Critical Treatment

The first death happened in the middle of the night, someone got sick, too sick. The guards had no option but to shoot him. Not many knew what was happening. A serious illness which no one knew what it was. This happened a lot more after the first night, one bullet into the skull. The guards were desperately low on ammunition, they couldn’t spare any bullets. All military grade ammunition had completely depleted. All that was left was their pistols, even then they couldn’t shoot for shit.

Staff were holding out food, The Riffs knew this. The Riffs began to get angry, very angry. This was it, The Riffs could no longer take it. They had to get out, they began to plan their escape. Carlo’s original plan was to fight their way out, but that wouldn’t work.  A small prison gang taking on a squadron of police, it’s not going to happen. After a lot of talking it over, The Riffs had a plan, but, they’d need help from the rest of the prisoners in the facility to make it work.


Part IV - Breakout

Today was the day, The time for the Riffs to make their escape. Both Carlo and Matej had made shanks out of their toothbrushes and were ready to make their move. As the Riffs all met outside of the canteen, they walked in a few minutes late.  All the other prisoners were sitting either wasting away or eating the little food they got. While the Riffs spread out across the canteen, Both Carlo and Matej made their way to the two guards on duty. Before the guards knew what hit them, both guards received a shank to the neck, causing them to fall to their knees and eventually, to the floor.

The Prisoners all sat and stared, shocked at what the pair just did. Carlo hopped up onto a nearby empty table and addressed the whole canteen,

“Listen up, you all saw what we just did so you know this isn’t a fucking joke. We’re getting out of here, tonight... Who the fuck is with us?”.

The whole canteen roared and began to tear the place down, more prisoners flooded out of the canteen and into the hallways and rec yard, destroying every guard they saw. Will, Ales, Viktor, Nikolai and *Harvey* all began to start heading towards the warden's office. Carlo and Matej grabbed the pistols off the guards they just killed and took the scenic route, as there was one screw that Carlo wanted to off personally.

As Carlo and Matej jogged down the hallway, Carlo saw the Screw he wanted to kill on the floor, knife in his stomach and blood dripping out of the wound. His name tag that once read “ Commander S Konsivie ”  had been ripped off and tossed on the floor beside him.

Carlo stopped and crouched down and grinned at the Commander. The Commander’s last words were “Fuck you… You Dirty Italian fuck“ before letting out a light chuckle... Carlo pressed the barrel of the Makarov against his temple and blew his brains out.

“You always were a funny cunt, addio Commander“

The two then made their way to the Warden's office.

The Riffs all met up outside the Warden’s office, Both Carlo and Matej had their Makarov’s in hand at the ready. Nikolai, Samuel, Ales and Viktor had all found various weapons around the prison on their way up, meanwhile Willy has a fucking claymore in his hand. Before entering the room, The Riffs all turned around and looked at the item Willy has in his hand..

“Willy where the fuck did you find that?“

“I don’t know to be honest with ya laddy, just found it.“

After multiple headshakes, Carlo booted the door into the warden's office and pointed the pistol at the warden, ready to fire.

“Give me the keys, and I might consider letting you liv-“,

Before Carlo could finish his sentence, The Warden pulled out his CR75 and aimed it towards Carlo, Matej made the split second decision of firing first and shot the warden in the chest, sending him falling to the floor backwards. Carlo, in a fit of rage dropped his pistol and walked over to the warden, and gripped him by the lapels of his suit, and pushed him with force out of the window, sending him flying through the sIoHdSa4 air and into the sea.

Willy looked over the desk and saw The Wardens keychain,

“Ay up lads, we’re in luck, av got the boat keys“

The Riffs made their way out of the Prison, using the shadows of the now barely lit prison to their advantage, sneaking through the violence happening all around them. As The Riffs snuck through the violence, they could see exactly what they caused. Bodies from both sides everywhere, but they didn’t feel bad though. They were given a choice, and most of them chose to side with The Riffs that day.

The Riffs eventually made it to the Warden’s boat and they all jumped on, although it was cramped, anything was better than the fucking prison. Willy sat in the driver's seat and slammed the keys into the ignition. This was it.

The Riffs set off on their boat… They couldn’t believe it worked…


Part II - YRF 



Chapter I - The Arrival

The Riffs operation plan was in full swing. A hierarchy was enabled and everyone knew their place. After The Riffs finally came out after laying low for so long, they decided to take a trip to see where and who are around. Obviously The Riffs had been out and about on occasion, but they never made their presence made, but finally after a year and a half, they've decided to make their move. Carlo and Matej knew they'd be the brains of the outfit, the rest of their people knew what they were there for. Although Carlo and Matej rule with an iron fist, they never forgot that The Riffs are their family. Everyone in this crew had been reborn. 

Rumour had it that there was a little trading outpost set up around a small town, so the team decided to take a trip down there. The walk down there was long and tretourous, Carlo's leg still hadn't healed fully from the bullet he took stealing ammunition from a group of Russians a few weeks earlier, so he fell behind quite a lot. That's when the whole " Carlo's fat " joke came around, although he was 14 stone and an absolute unit.

As the full team entered the town, they were greeted with absolute chaos, the whole place was more unorganised than Will's Porn Collection. People running around, jumping over walls, spinning around, it was fucking weird. The group decided to take a seat against a wall and watch all this unfold. After a few moments of completly torture, Carlo an Matej decided to go find the ruler of this place, while William, Niko, Viktor and Ales socialised with people around the town. After another 5 minutes of torture, the team decided to dip out.

Chapter II - Raif, Circie, Kibz.
Chapter III - Our time.
Chapter IV - Emily.
Chapter V - Simon.


- Find a suitable place to call “Cell Block C” (SMART) [Day 480]
- Get knowledge of already occupied areas (Achieved)
- Find a building in which multiple operations can be set up
- Ensure food and water supply (Achieved)
 - Find a generator

- Fix up the Patrol boat (SMART) [Day 500]
- Find a fully working engine (Get Raif to fix the engine)
           - Find a suitable and steady supply of gasoline
 - Find one working light
  - Mount a chain gun
- Find Fishing Rods and bait.

- Create a Pawn Shop (SMART) [520]
- Find a group that can be hired as security (Achieved)
- Find a good public location
- Connect the pawn shop to The Riff Complex

- Establish a form of currency for the shop

- Set up the “Riff” Complex [550]
- Find an adequate bar
- Build or secure roulette tables
- Establish a dress code (Formal/Smart Casual) (Achieved)
- Recruit a separate firm to run security (Achieved)
- Find a fully working Rotary Tattoo Machine 

I) Find a suitable Location (Achieved)
II) Build roulette tables (Achieved)
III) Advertisement 
IV) Finding outsiders for staff.
V) Set Up " Willy's Scrap Yard "
VI) Grand Opening

- Recruitment Goal(s)
- Recruit a mechanic (Achieved) 
- Recruit a barber (Achieved)
- Recruit a Tattoo Artist (Achieved)
 - Recruit some muscle (Achieved)
- Recruit a Jeweller
 - Recruit a Blacksmith
- Recruit a weapons expert
- Recruit a Bar Tender
- Recruit a Casino Manager
- Recruit a Fight Club Manager (Apart from Solo)
- Recruit a Singer
- Recruit a Comedian 
- Recruit a Magician 
- Recruit a DIY Explosives Expert




Rice AND Any type of steak : 6 People

Canned Baked Beans: 4 People
Canned Peaches: 4 People
Canned Spaghetti: 4 People
Can Of Tactical Bacon: 4 People
Powdered Milk AND Cereal: 4 people

Canned Sardines: 2 People
Canned Tuna: 2 People

Fruit Items: 1 Person
Egg: 1 Person



Carlo Special: Feeds 10 People
Met's Mad Dish: Feeds 15 People
Ales's Amazing Alfredo Dish: Feeds 17 People
Willy's Munch Bunch: Feeds 20 People
Nikolai's Nigerian Night: Feeds 15 People
Tyrone's Turnips: Feeds 7 People
Your Mums Meal: Feeds us all.


Healthy Eating:

- Four Meals A Day
- People To Feed: Everyone (14) 
Required Food(Daily): 56
Required Food(Weekly): 392

Good Eating:

- Three Meals A Day
- People To Feed: Everyone (14)
Required Food: 42
Required Food(Weekly): 294

Bad Eating:

- Two Meals A Day
- People To Feed: Everyone (14)
- Rations Enabled (Food Items Value Doubled)
- Required Food(Daily): 28
- Required Food(Weekly): 196

Scraping The Barrel:

- One Meal A Day
- People To Feed: Made Men and Above (7) 
Rations Enabled (Food Items Doubled)
- Required Food(Daily): 7
- Required Food(Weekly? 49 


All Food Collected Will be tallied up at the end of the, if we have enough, then we will know ICLY how we will act ect.

Quest Log:

(All of this is all IC things that we've done/got planned. it's just a way for myself to keep track of what happened during our time IG (Events) in order. Don't mind this)


" The Breakout " (Complete)
" Relations " (Complete)
" The African Situation " (Complete)
" New Faces " (Complete)
" Medical History " (Complete)
" Degenerates " (Complete)
" Drop Offs " (Complete)
" Mat's SVD Testing " (Complete ?
" The Meeting " (Complete)
" Daddy Issues " (Complete)

" Degenerates II " (Incomplete)
" Daddy Issues II " (Incomplete)
" Warlord " (Incomplete)
" The Chinese Situation " (Incomplete)
" Drop Offs II " (Incomplete)
" Locations " (Incomplete)

Minor Offences:

Strike I - Warning
Strike II - Beating
Strike III - Demotion
Strike IV - Removal of Rank
Strike V - Death

Serious Offences:

Cowardice - Dealt with by Underboss
Betrayal - Death
Sexual Offences - Death
Perjury Of Oath - Death
Blackmail - Dealt with by Underboss
Abuse Of Rank -  Demotion to Associate 
Disgracing The Riff Name: Dealt with case by case


The ranks have taken an inspiration from the Mafia ranks, although the group itself is not a Mafia. The ranks are not 100% accurate to a mafia family, because that's not what I was going for. I have added ranks such as " Soldiers " who are typically classed as Made Men in the mafia tree, however in this case, they're not.



 Carlo Viviani

The Don is the leader of the group. His choice is final. The Don rarely gets his hands dirty, unless it's required.


Matej Nemec

The Underboss is directly below the Don. The Underboss also takes the role of the Consiglieri rank. Making him the Adviser to the Don. 


William " Willy " Mackinnon

 Ales Martinek

A Caporegime is a made man who is higher up than your average made man. He runs the team of soldiers that he is assigned. If he has any issues he reports to the Underboss.

Made Men:

A Made Man is a trusted member of The Riff family. They have full access to group votes and keep the soldiers in check.

 Nikolai Kral

Mirek Bruzek

Tyrone Bands


An Associate isn't classed as a Riff, although they are under Riff protection and usually works for/with The Riffs.

Willem " Hunter " Nedved

Pavel Andreevich

Yung Gerald

Spartak Brakov


These are The Riff Tattoo's list, if a Riff has any of these tattoo's they have completed the goal required to earn this tattoo.

" R " : - An Official Riff (Made Men)
" Seal Of Approval "  - A Riff who has taken a life.
" Gerald "  - Speciality tattoo, given out for bravery.
" Chain " - A Riff who has been to Taken hostage and survived.
Switchblade: - A Riff who has killed personally.
Ace/Club/Heart/Diamond:  - Speciality tattoo, given out from Carlo.
" The X " - A Riff who was in Prison when the crew was formed.
" The Diamond " - When a Riff's Kill Count hits 10.
" Spy Vs Spy " - When a Riff infiltrates another crew for intelligence. 
" The Snake " - Given when a Riff finds out information regarding Treason.
" The Falcon " - Given out when a Riff has risen up the ranks to the Underboss Position.
" The Gloves " - Given out when a Riff has proven he can fight without weapons.
" The Moli " - Given out when a Riff has used explosives to destroy enemy buildings
The Hour Glass - Given out when a Civilian Riff turns into a businessman.
" The Wolf " - Given out when someone who was once a lone wolf joins our family.


Send this PM to @Beni and @Grimnir


Character Page Link:
Hours on DayZRP?:
Previous Groups?:
Why'd you want to join the group?
Ban History:

What's the passphrase (If you're having issues, ask staff member @Dino) (lmao)?:

Will you stay off the rock?
Favourite Song?
Favourite TV Show/Movie?



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good luck boys, but i know you guys will be fine

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Where the regulators at , good luck bro looks awesome 

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Just now, Diamond said:

Where the regulators at

Ask Hol- Nevermind. Thanks bro

3 minutes ago, Dan said:


good luck boys, but i know you guys will be fine

Thanks b 

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Group looks good.

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Good luck with this Group!

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Graphics are nice, good luck Beni!

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Ayyy its up! Can't wait for this!

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Just now, Hollows said:

in new moon

New moon = regs confirmed 

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Ha that logo though, good luck with this ?

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Love the media, looks real good beni

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Best of luck with this group guys! Like the grpahics.

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thread looks nice, lore is well written. already gave Grimnir some feedback: too many goals imo. graphic idea is very nice but the edge of that circle and that leftover pixel to the top right of it. C'mon @Beni !

Also: link the character pages to your thread - I'm lazy!

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Boi, this gud. 

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Let's get off the rock

@Ron I told you on steam already but I'll repeat it just so it is covered on the thread as well. We have 5 major goals which are connected in one way or another, the stuff below are steps towards them. As a group, we don't feel like we are having too many goals to handle but if we run into trouble we'll deal with it in one way or another. The logo is @Beni's department and the link stuff will be sorted out soon.

Thank you for the feedback.

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This is lit as fuck, a cool original idea as well. Well done guys and good luck with this, hope to bump into you sometime.

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Looking forward to the RP 


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This group eyes like a serious bunch of lunatics ?

Ever considered to have Тюремный остров to be your base somehow?

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This is pretty fuckin cool! Goodluck!

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4 hours ago, Ron said:



3 hours ago, Grimnir said:


@Ron I told you on steam already but I'll repeat it just so it is covered on the thread as well. We have 5 major goals which are connected in one way or another, the stuff below are steps towards them. As a group, we don't feel like we are having too many goals to handle but if we run into trouble we'll deal with it in one way or another. The logo is @Beni's department and the link stuff will be sorted out soon.

Thank you for the feedback.

He took the words right out of my mouth.

The Graphic thing I didn't even see, thanks for pointing it out.

Also, The character pages, yeah not going to lie I could not be assed last night.

Thanks for the feedback Ron.

Also @Alexis, @Osaka @Descendants and the rest, thanks for the good luck wish's. We appreciate it.

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Good luck with this looks great hopefully see you ig soon

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