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Discord Permission Problem


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I had been using the DayZRP Discord for quite a while with no issues so far. However, about an hour ago when I logged in after launching DayZ via the DayZ SA Launcher, Discord prompted me to relaunch the app as admin due to having launched DayZ as admin, because I did not have the push-to-talk privileges for some reason and my friend @Osaka with whom I was in the same channel could not hear me. I did as prompted, and nothing changed. I tried everything else I could think of. I can successfully connect to the server, switch channels as I desire, and my voice indicator lights up when I hit the push-to-talk button. My Discord account is also correctly linked. However, Osaka still could not hear me while I could hear him loud and clear. I know for a fact that nothing is wrong with my equipment or voice capture settings, as everything has been triple checked and I can talk just fine on TeamSpeak.

Any ideas?

Edit: Closing as the issue has been resolved.

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