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Story of Marek Kokles

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I recently joined this server, my name is Radek and I am from Czech Republic.

I would like to share my story with you guys. I hope some new players will find some inspiration. I was already accepted and I just want to know what you think about it and help someone.

My name is Marek Kokles, I am 31 years old guy from Czech Republic. I have a younger brother, he is 24 and his name is Karel Kokles. We were adopted by the same family, I was 12 when he joined us.

We were really close and since he was getting older, we started to work together. I should mention that I was selling drugs since my 18 and I was quite a problematic child. We were working together for few years until shit got down. We were meeting some guy, who wanted to order a lot of our, as we called it, „magic powder“. It was a pretty big deal, so I bought a gun just for safety.We were trading at my house like we always did. It seemed that things are going pretty well, we were already counting money when the guy infront of us pulled out a gun and started yelling to get down and surrender. I didn´t feel like I wanted to go to jail, so I pulled out the gun and shot him twice in the chest. He fell down, he was bleeding a lot. I was in shock, I realized what I´ve done and try to check his pulse. He was dead. Not even a single heart beat. Then we realized we heard police cars outside my house, and we knew what to do. We knew our neighborhood pretty well, so we managed to escape from those cops. We ran to my brother´s house, took everything we could, and got back in the car. We had an escape plan for those situations. We had to go to Russia, or even better, Chernarus. Last countries with unlimited options, places where a cop wouldn´t enter and were we could have some peace to do our business.

We couldn´t go to an airport, we were wanted men. So we drove to Poland, with a car full of drugs, two wanted guys, a lot of cash from selling drugs and a gun which killed a police officer. One mistake and we will get caught. But I guess we had luck, we managed to cross the border of Poland without any problems, since then it was an easy way to Chernarus. We came to Berezino and in few days we bought a pub with some rooms upstairs. It was an ideal cover for our business and we had nice place to live in. I found myself a new hobby. Hunting. I loved when I could just get out of the city, sit somewhere in forrest on a stand.We lived in Berezino for few years, doing our business, brother was taking care of the pub, sometimes he helped with some serious business, I was hunting and taking care of those small deals. It was a beautiful life.

But then it happened. It was a day like another, I had to do some business, with some guy near Bor. I took my shotgun and my clothes I was using for hunting as a cover-up, put some magic powder into my bag and in the evening I was waiting for him near a deer-stand. His name was Kolja and he seemed like he is using that crap for a while. Whatever, he was a customer so I sold him some of it. Suddenly we saw a guy running from the forest, being chased by other three. We saw he was wounded and limping. We ran towards him to help him, but those guys were lot faster then him, they caught him, pulled him to the ground. He was terribly screaming and I heard some weird sounds, like growling and short after that bone cracking. Suddenly the guy was completely silent. I loaded my shotgun, those guys we saw were some psychos or something. I screamed at them to let that guy be and I was still runnig towards them. Then I stopped in terrror. Those bastards were eating him! After that I saw something else. Those guys were looking weird… They were covered in blood, and they seemed rotting. I realised, those are zombies I was so afraid of in movies. I immediately shot at one of them, then I heard gunshots from my left. Kolja was shooting at them too, with some pistol, we took them down and wanted to help that guy which was quietly lying on the grass. He was dead just by looking, they almost ripped his head off. We heard some moaning and growling from Bor. Gunshot atracted some zombies from the village! Kolja and I ran into the forest, shooting behind us at those zombies, sadly Kolja tripped because of some thorn. I don´t know if he is alive, I had to continue running away, because I didn´t have any ammo to help him. I was exhausted but I escaped them.

I was on the coast, I had a shotgun without any ammo. I knew what is happening and I knew what to do. My goal is to get back to Berezino, find my brother and think about stuff we have to do. I hope he is alive.

Thanks for reading and feel free to criticize.

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I was looking for a meme on paragraphs but felt they were too harsh!

So I'll just type it instead.

Thats just a block wall of text, structure it better into paragraphs to break it up better.

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Guest Lippo

Hey Marek!

Greets from General Hope^^

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