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Server and location:  S1 Stary Sabor

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  1:30 PM CST

Your in game name:  Mikhail Volkov

Names of allies involved:  n/a

Name of suspect/s:  unkown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  n/a

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): n/a

Detailed description of the events: After the event that happend with the crashed heli south of Stary Sobor most people went back to Stary, I was at the water fountain and 3 guys ran up and started drinking water. We engaged in some RP for no more than 5 seconds when someone Unknown across the street in a house, unloaded a mag into us, kill me and id assume some of them.


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Calling in @ApexCrisis, @Lonnonzzombies, @Diamond, @Cipher, @Sasha, @Jewell, @Cow, @jakem10001 and @Lewis to post your full, detailed POV. Please provide any video evidence you have and list any allies that were involved. 

@ApexCrisis & @Lonnonzzombies will be temp banned until they post their POV.

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I was at the well drinking and I got shot and killed

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Talked our side of this out on TS but we robbed someone in Vybor about an hour to an hour and a half previous, they came back and used their rights a while later, killing Diamond and Sasha and KoSing @Raven06 in the process.

I actually have video of the event, sound is broken for some reason. Skip to 1:25 for the good stuff


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  • Sapphire

My group had robbed a couple of these individuals previously. I was not present for that so can't speak for it. When we entered Stary Diamond got shot while drinking, I got hit once while locating the shooter. And I decided to push up the stairs into the red house the shooter was in as my first instinct after a year and a half without any DayZ PvP. It did not work out. My friends finish the job and mop up.

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Involved parties came to TS and along with staff managed to resolve the situation as an unintentional mis-id, we remind said parties to always double check with their group members/friends to make sure a target is involved, even if you are 90% sure yourself, if you cannot confirm it is advised you hold off until they fire and/or hold them up for interrogation.

With that being said, this report will be /closed, we appreciate everyone coming together to sort this out.

Signed by @DrMax and @Brayces

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