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A pilot needs help

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*From out of the static a man with a seemingly Russian or Chernarussian accent calls out on the radio*

Hello? Hello? Can anybody hear me?

I do not know how many other people have heard the radio freqency but a pilot or something called on my radio who say they need help. They do not hear my replies to their call, so I ask anyone who can hear me if they would like to join me in finding and rescuing this pilot!

If anyone can hear me please respond!

*the radio dies back into static*

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*Valentin listens to the transmission and hesitates before he responds*

"I can hear you, fellow survivor. But probably not only me. And not only I did hear the transmission from the pilot. It's gonna attract a lot of attention. You sure you want to be looking for the source of the transmission?

*He keeps his radio in right hand while travelling along the road*

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*the first voice returns for a moment*

Hmh. Well, my friend, if I don't try and help them, and you don't try and help them, then who is going to try and help them??

It is at least worth finding this people.

*the voice retreats into the static once again*

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*Valentin tries to make sense of the words he hears through the static*

"Somebody is surely already looking for them and afraid that it won't be a rescue party. Also the transmission went silent, haven't heard a single word. And the night is upon us, growing darker and colder. I can only wish you good luck on your search."

*He keeps his radio on, looking at the shape of a town on the horizon*

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  • Sapphire

* Nikolai would squint and look quizzically toward the radio after the message had been broadcast, he picks it up and holds down the PTT. A Chernarussian accent could be heard *

Dobrye odpoledne, brother. Hearing that you wish to save pilot from his or her death is rather noble but I'd let the dead or bandits grab what they can and leave them to perish, not worth wasting medical supplies or energy, just me, ano? If you're nearby, grab what you can and enjoy it. Stay safe.

* Nikolai would release the PTT and crack open a can of beans, leaning against the tree, he lets out a sigh *

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