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Server time (UTC): 2021-09-24 23:45

Geared charactors camping spawning area

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So now that we all pretty much spawn in the same exact place, I have noticed a ridiculous amount of geared out characters camping the spawning area. Most of which is for no reason other than to harass bambis. It truly is ridiculous. I would say that it is the crappiest RP ever, over and over again but in all honesty I have seen crappier. Each and every time I spawn practically dieing of thirst and hunger, but it gets even worst the second I run for about 4 minutes because there is always a group of geared out people just waiting for bambis to spawn. And its different groups!!!! its not just one group of people, its multiple groups. In all honesty the RP is exactly the same every time, its them saying something to the affect of "what are you doing all the way out here?". and then it either leads to them being the "big bad group of DZRP" or its them seriously just wasting your time. Its ridiculous. I wish I could say that its new people with little to no experience with DZRP but that would be a lie because its also seasoned long time popular players.Turn the spawning areas back to the way they were before. At least then I had a chance of finding food before some geared out turds ruin my night with crappy RP that leads nowhere but my death from starvation.

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22 minutes ago, Crazy_Corwin said:



Might I suggest if the RP is indeed crappy, in your own opinion of course. To talk to these people OOCly about it, if the issue doesn't work itself out with a chat.. Take it to a report, with the evidence you have.

Not much point creating a post in a discussion area when there's not much to discuss, people would want to control the decent areas for the better supplies/ items. It makes sense.

Edit: Just realised you're talking about the actual spawn locations put in.. Yeah, people should probably cut that shit.

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First line came across as a tad shitty.
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We've had this issue before where geared players would sit on the roads up from the coast and harass people to get easy initiations, it'll always happen, you just need to avoid them or get friends to help out I guess. I do agree it's kinda shitty though.

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Noone denies it's a tiny bit shitty. But as Kyle said, it's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes mate. 

Don't let it deter you. Once you're out of those spawn zones you have a whole server of fun stuff at your feet! ^_^ 

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While some staff did have concerns about this, I personally don't think it should be a problem if you're motivated enough. Nobody said the new spawns will be easy, but the forest is huge and you can go in any direction you want and no matter which direction you take you will eventually encounter a larger village/city where you can get supplies, which is why this location was chosen.

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Mate i'm not gonna lie, you've defo over exaggerated it a bit. Multiple groups waiting for freshies to spawn in and rob them, I doubt there are enough groups to be that sad. At least Bhood haven't done it (even then if you get initiated on just comply, if the RP is shit then report them). Also as long as you run west you should be able to hit a well/pond or stream. Like the only time i've died due to that spawn was due to a pack of wolves being in the area but that's just bad luck.

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Well... if you're dying of thirst and hunger and a group tries to rob you, your wellbeing becomes their responsibility, so from what I understand, they'll have to feed you? ?

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2 minutes ago, DerrickStorm said:

Well... if you're dying of thirst and hunger and a group tries to rob you, your wellbeing becomes their responsibility, so from what I've understand, they'll have to feed you? ?


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Umm what? who camps the forest just to troll them? 

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I'm not sure about this. Are you sure you aren't just running into them while running into town? I have a hard time believing any group would just go into the forest looking for people to mess with.

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