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Hi. i am new here and have gone through all the process of filling in the correct froms for my charecter and set my character to public how ever when ever i join the server i literally  run about 10 seconds before i get kicked and a server message pops up saying this is not your active character? Any help will be appreciated Thankyou  

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Make sure you select the right character in the main menu. Sometimes when you change your name, it still says survivor like below:



You basically want it to look like this, but with your character name. 




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10 minutes ago, Byronn said:

Hey. i have done what you have said. Made sure i have selected the correct charterer on the home screen however its still kicking me

Hello, you could try and insert your character name through the DayZ SA Launcher. Here is a guide on how to use it and how to insert your name through it.


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